FOX Sports 1 UFC 170 Post-Fight Show Quotes

kenny florian - ufc tonightThe following quotes are from tonight’s UFC 170 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 1 for UFC 170: ROUSEY VS. MCMANN. The show was hosted by Jon Anik, with former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, UFC light heavyweight Phil Davis and Kenny Florian offering analysis. Heidi Androl conducted interviews on-site.

UFC 170 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 1 Analyst Kenny Florian on Ronda Rousey’s TKO victory over Sara McMann: “We expected Sara McMann to go out and try to get a takedown and use her wrestling against Ronda. The takedown never came. It was a knee by Ronda that got the job done. The knee to the liver was a brutal body shot that finished it.”

UFC 170 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 1 Analyst Dominick Cruz on Rousey’s dominance: “Ronda looked strong and maybe stronger in the clinch. She kept McMann there and just beat her down. Ronda has MMA experience now. She put a silver medalist against the fence and beat her.”

UFC 170 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 1 Analyst Phil Davis on Rousey’s toughness: “Ronda got hit with some big punches and was unfazed, and started landing everything she threw. We said whoever controls the clinch controls the fight. She raises the bar every time she fights and keeps getting better and better.”

Florian on if ref Herb Dean stopped the fight a little early: “It was a little early for me. It was a body shot that knocked McMann down. If it was a knee to the face, I could see it being stopped right away. If it’s a body shot, you’ve got to give people a few seconds to recover. But as a fighter, you have to mask it a little bit and try to act like you’re ok. McMann froze.”

Ronda Rousey on her victory: “It’s extremely satisfying to win and to do it with my standup. I promised my coach I’d do it with a body shot. We knew she was a wrestler and she was going to be bent over.”

Rousey if she was surprised by anything McMann did: “I didn’t expect her to come out swinging. I thought she was going to be more cautious. I had to adjust in the middle of the fight. That’s why we don’t really do game plans too much in the fights and we just make it up.”

Rousey on a future fight against Cris Cyborg: “Of course I’m interested. I’m not going anywhere – she knows where I’m at.”

Rousey on when she’ll fight next: “I always tell Dana White I can fight on 24 hours’ notice if he needs me to. I’ve got Entourage coming up in the next month, then the Expendables coming out in August. But I’m always ready. I’d probably like to fight late summer again.”

Sara McMann on if she was hurt by the knee: “I felt it for a second and my body just bent over. I heard Herb Dean and tried to get right back up. I’ve been put down for a good 15 seconds in practice and gotten back up. This wasn’t like that.”

McMann on if she thinks she deserves a rematch: “Absolutely. I heard Ronda wanted a rest, so I’d be happy to fight a few more people in between.”

Davis on Daniel Cormier’s victory over Patrick Cummins: “Cormier looked great out there. It was everything you expected from a veteran guy. DC was a better wrestler. He took away Cummin’s wresting.”

Florian on Cormier’s dominance over Cummins: “Cormier needed to send a message to everyone at 205 that he’s a legit contender and he did that tonight.”

Cormier on fighting at 205: “It’s the first time for a finish for me in the UFC. I feel great. I feel like my power affected him more than the bigger guys. I hit Josh Barnett and Frank Mir with those punches and it didn’t affect them like that.”

Cormier on his next fight: “I’m waiting for the call. If Glover gets hurt, I’ll fight for the championship. If Phil Davis gets hurt, I’ll fight Anthony Johnson.”

Davis on how MacDonald got the victory over Demian Maia: “In the second round, MacDonald started to get his jab going, and he delivered some straight kicks up the center as well. He stayed on the outside of Demian’s leg, and when Demian shot for the double leg takedown, he circled out of the takedowns.”

MacDonald on his performance: “I wanted to let it all out and show myself out there. I didn’t want to have any regrets when I went back to the dressing room this time and I did that.”

UFC President Dana White on Ronda Rousey’s victory: “I thought she looked fantastic. She keeps me in the loop on everything she’s doing. She was sending me videos and she’s been bringing in people to spar and she’s been knocking them out, just like tonight.”

White on Cormier: “He looked awesome. Even tonight, I was getting text messages from the Olympic wrestling guys saying Cummins was a tough guy. But Cormier came out and showed who the top guy was tonight. Cummins will stay here. We’ll get him a fight that’s more suitable and see how he does.”

White on Rory MacDonald: “I’ve been hard on Rory in the past. I predicted that this fight was going to be the stinker tonight, but he looked great. He got out of the mount that Maia had him in and then he lit Demian up with some great punches on the outside.”

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