What happened after RAW went off the air?


When WWE’s flagship program RAW goes off the air and the cameras stop rolling the fans usually are treated to something like a “good guy highlight reel”. If you ever attend a WWE event make sure to stick around after the last match! I stayed at an event where The Rock and Steve Austin sang duets and drank beers for an hour it seemed and we all ate it up. You never know!

Last night Lordsofpain.net ran the following report sent in from one of their readers.

After tonight’s WWE RAW in Denver went off the air, it came down to Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, John Cena, Cesaro and Dean Ambrose in the ring.

Cesaro spun Ambrose around 30 times with a Cesaro Swing. Ambrose finally got up and ate a Brogue kick from Sheamus. Both Sheamus and Cesaro left after their moves. Ambrose got back up with just Cena and Bryan in the ring. Cena nailed an Attitude Adjustment and left the ring with fans chanting “yes!” for Bryan.

Bryan hit a running knee on Ambrose before celebrating and slapping hands with fans at ringside to end the show.

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