Top 5 free to play PC FPS shooters

Video Game rated their top 15 first person shooters for the PC. While we agreed with most of them here are our top 5 of the bunch.

Battlefield Play4Free

Using a version of the Battlefield 2 graphics engine, Battlefield Play4Free is designed to run on lower-end PCs as opposed to Battlefield 4. The game offers multiplayer mayhem across eight different maps. A micro-transaction shop allows you to purchase improved guns and equipment, but these are all optional extras. While it may not be better than Battlefield 4, it’s still a fun free alternative.

Blacklight: Retribution

A futuristic first-person shooter, Blacklight: Retribution features some truly eye-watering graphics and addictive gameplay. With several different modes and currency rewards for winning battles that you can use to customize your character, there is plenty to get involved with here, and once you start to develop your one-man killing machine, you will want to come back for more

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 has been free-to-play for a couple of years now, a move which has given the game a new lease on life. This team-based shooter features a multitude of modes, including king of the hill and capture the flag. There are also a host of different character types, nine in all, each with their own unique abilities. For a free-to-play title, this is arguably the best out there.

Project Blackout

While not offering anything new, Project Blackout is a competent shooter featuring all the trappings you would expect from a game of this ilk. Set in an urban environment, there are various modes to keep your trigger finger busy, including co-op missions, a deathmatch and survival games. This is a by-the-numbers FPS, but still offers plenty of enjoyment if you are looking for a game you can just pick up and play.

Ghost Recon Online

 Tom Clancy’s legacy lives on through the mass of books, films, and video games all bearing his name. Ghost Recon Online features multiplayer team-based action spread across a variety of maps. A great tactical shooter, it features a deep learning curve that is extremely rewarding. Many will be put off by its hard difficulty level, but give it a chance and you will find plenty to keep you entertained here.