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This post originally appeared on It is being reprinted in part here, as part of the content expansion on Pro MMA Now. Are you growing a beard and finding it hard to keep it in line? Check out this article on two different categories of conditioning products from my friends at CanYouHandlebar

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post brought to you by CanYouHandlebar. The opinions are completely my own based on my own beard care techniques and my experience with CanYouHandlebar products.

When I began using beard specific products, one of the first products I had the pleasure of using was CanYouHandlebar’s Beard Dry Oil. I will be addressing the ins and outs of Beard Dry Oil in this post, but please feel free to visit my initial review of Beard Dry Oil and CanYouHandlebar’s Moustache Waxes for an additional in-depth look at my first experiences with the product.

I like Beard Dry Oil because it offers conditioning and a light hold with easy application. While I worked my way through my first tin of Beard Dry Oil, I stayed connected with Doug, the owner/founder of CanYouHandlebar, and was delighted when I was chosen to be part of the beta (pre-release) testing group for his new traditional beard oils, Wisdom and Iniative.  Both oils offer great conditioning and taming of your beard, able to give even hard-to-manage beards a softened, natural look in two great scents; an unscented version is now available as well.

So which should you choose, Beard Dry Oil or a traditional beard oil?  In this article, we will take a look at all aspects of traditional beard oil versus the Beard Dry Oil, my use of each, and even some brief, helpful videos to aid you in your use of the products.

At the outset, let me say that both products are excellent beard care products that can be used on beards of any length.  The preferences and recommendation expressed herein are simply my own, given my own experience and use.


Beard Dry Oil (“DO”) is a premium hand-crafted beard oil, with a twist. Like all beard oils, DO provides the oils that hairs crave, producing a healthy shine that makes beards and goatees look great. The product is called a “dry” oil because we add just enough beeswax to make the oil solid at room temperature. “DO” not only stands for “Dry Oil”, but also reminds us to do the things we know we should do. Do not procrastinate. Do honorable things. Do things our dads would be proud of. As the ancient proverb goes, “do what is right and come what may.” Isn’t that a good thought to have in the morning? I think so.

A two ounce tin of the Beard Dry Oil is available for $19.99 (plus shipping).  As the description states, the oil is solid at room temperature.  The oil has no added scents, and the scent that comes naturally from the ingredients is almost imperceptible.  I recommend dry oil to anyone with a beard, but especially those who are looking for a light-scented or unscented product.  It has a thick but easily pliable consistency and is traditionally applied one of three ways:

1) Scoop out some with your finger, rub it between your hands and then work into your beard;
2) Hold the can in your hand and rub the dry oil directly into your beard;
3) Use a Beard Oil Brush.

For a quick how-to on application using the Beard Oil Brush, check out this video presented by CanYouHandleBar and starring my friend, epic beardsman Andy Pokorski.

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