Ronda Rousey talks UFC 170 and her movie career | VIDEO

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey discusses her upcoming fight with Sara McMann which goes down on Feb. 22 in the UFC 170 main event. The champ also talks about her movie career and two new projects she has coming up with the “Entourage” movie and “Athena Project”.

Rousey on fighting another Olympian: “I’m really excited. She’s a high level athlete. I always rise to the level of my opponent. It makes me better.”

Rousey on how she’s been preparing to fight McMann: “We’ve looked at her pace and personality and her rhythm of her fights. She goes for takedowns at certain times. We try to predict in what situations she’ll try those.”

Rousey on less build up to this fight than her last with Meisha Tate: “It’s been nice. It’s more stressful having an opponent that you have to pay more media attention to. I’m glad there’s been less media stress this time.”

Rousey on her upcoming movie projects: “I’m extremely excited about those, but I’m in camp right now and I try not to even focus on those things. Entourage will be filmed next and the other is at least a year away. There’s a big gap where I can fit some more fights in. I’m a fighter, not an actor. It’s cool to have another career to be excited about. That’s what happened after the Olympics. I didn’t have anything. You have a short shelf life in MMA and I don’t want to be done without options.”

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