Royal Rumble Twitter reactions and thoughts


The WWE Royal Rumble took place last night in Pennsylvania and it started off with an amazing win over Daniel Bryan for Bray Wyatt. It kind of sank from there and WWE former and current stars took to Twitter to air their thoughts.

Mick Foley tweeted “Does @WWE actually hate their own audience? I’ve never been so disgusted with a PPV.” (Referring to Daniel Bryan not being an entrant in the Royal Rumble match itself)

Daniel Bryan tweeted “They try to keep US down and away from the top spots, but they can’t ignore the reactions forever. Keep voicing your opinions. #YESMovement”

Steve Austin tweeted “Roman Reigns #MVP of #WWE #RoyalRumble. Helluva babyface run coming for this kid down the road.”

The Rock tweeted “Proud of my cousin @WWERomanReigns dominant ring performance tonight. Stay humble & hungry fam. #FutureWWEChamp #RoyalRumble

Daniel Bryan also tweeted about his not being the in the Rumble match “Sorry guys, the machine wanted me nowhere near the Royal Rumble match. But I thank everyone for their support. YOU are the #YESMovement”

Rumble Winner Batista tweeted “Awesome night! And @VinceMcMahon walked away from my Royal Rumble win healthy and happy.. Love me or hate me thanks to everyone who watched.”

Legendary commentator Jim Ross weighed in with “For the cash that I paid for #RoyalRumble tonight, nothing followed @WWEDanielBryan vs @WWEBrayWyatt. Those two plus @WWERomanReigns shined”

Booker T praised Roman Reigns with “He came close. I still expect BIG things from Roman Reigns. #RoyalRumble. I really enjoyed a lot about that #RoyalRumble. I see Roman Reigns as a future headliner in #WWE. #DigIt”

Goldust weighed in on eliminating his brother Cody Rhodes in the Royal Rumble match with “Went to war and war found me! Sorry @CodyRhodesWWE . Love ya bro! #TheBrotherhoodWillRise”

The consensus high spots for the event were Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt, the return of Dolph Ziggler during the Rumble match, and Roman Reigns eliminating a record 11 entrants and potential run as a good guy. The low point was a not very well received win by Batista in the main event. It was noted that Batista flicked the crowd off after his win and mocked Bryan’s “Yes” chant as went backstage.