Dana White: ‘I used to beat the living sh*t out of Tito Ortiz’

tito ortiz vs dana whiteUFC President Dana White‘s new show on Discovery debuts tonight. “The Fighters” features gym owner and former fighter Peter Welch as he enlists Boston’’s top boxing trainers in an effort to revive boxing in Boston. The man who helped build the UFC (and by default, MMA) into the highly-popular sport it is today, is hoping to pump new life blood into another sport dear to his heart.

In a recent talk with media members about “The Fighters” and his own boxing roots, White expounded on the time when he and former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz were going to have a little boxing match of their own:

“Tito did legitimately get hurt before the fight with Rampage. The reality is, with me Tito knew, Tito knew… Tito had Jenna Jameson call like two weeks before the fight negotiating that he wanted to switch it to no head gear — cause this was supposed to be an amateur fight — so he wanted to switch to no head gear. I said fine, we can go no head gear. He wanted to switch to 8 ounce gloves. I said okay, we can do 8 ounce gloves. The reality is I used to beat the living sh*t out of Tito Ortiz, back when we first bought this company and we used to box. Now if Tito would have made this an MMA fight, I would have never said yes because Tito would murder me. He would double-leg me, elbow my face off and rip my head right off my shoulders in an MMA fight. That’s not what he asked for. He asked for a boxing match with me, and I would’ve beat the living shit out of Tito, and he knows it and that’s why he didn’t do it.”

The Fighters premieres tonight (Thursday, Jan 23) at 9/8c on Discovery. Check out the promo below.


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