Matt Brown apologizes for topless comments, UFC issues statement

UFC Welterweight Matt Brown
There are many things that can get you in trouble. Talking about women in the UFC and mentioning them fighting topless is one of those things. Although it appears there will be no punishment for welterweight Matt Brown, he sure did get some people talking yesterday after his podcast went viral and we heard what he had to say about women in MMA.

Could you go to work and openly say that you want to see your female co-workers perform their duties topless? Nah, you can’t. The is basically what Brown did while chatting with friends on a podcast.

“If I’m going to pay $60 for a pay-per-view to watch women fight, they should at least be topless. How many knockouts do you see in women’s fights?”

Ouch. Now this may be something that men think but most have better judgement to put that out in a public forum. The podcast that was being passed around through SoundCloud has been removed. Brown has apologized for what he said. The UFC issued this statement.

Matt Brown has apologized for the comments made on his podcast, and we have addressed the matter with him. His comments don’t reflect the views of the UFC. There’s no place for discrimination within our organization at any level. The UFC is built on principles of respect, and any statements to the contrary are not acceptable.

It is safe to say that Brown won’t be winning over any of the WMMA fans out there with his comments. Do you think his apology is real or was he just speaking how he felt on the topic? Let’s hear it.