Thomas Gifford: Arkansas’ most wanted man?


On January 18, fight fans from all over will witness Arkansas’ most wanted man enter the V3 cage!!!

Thomas Gifford (10-4) hails from Brush Creek, AR and fights out of Team Relentless/Sheridan Boxing Club.

It seems like no matter what fight show that you go to or what interview you’re listening to, someone is always calling out Thomas Gifford.  On January 18, Ben Brewer gets his wish.  Gifford will be going up in weight to accept “The Ruler’s” challenge after being called out several times.

Gifford knows that his best shot at defeating Brewer is on his feet and had a few things to say about his opponent:

“I feel the fight is going to the ground, but the advantage is on my feet because Brewer is not capable of going three rounds without taking me down.  The power and speed of my hands is what makes me dangerous.  My opponent is well trained and well conditioned and has great spirit in what he does, but he needs to be humbled.  I’m going to fight my best no matter what the outcome is.  I’ll leave the fight in God’s hands.”

Note to all lightweight and welterweight fighters out there… Be careful what you wish for, because it may come true.  And Thomas Gifford may be the one to grant them that wish!!!

This event will be available on Ustream pay per view and televised on Comcast Sports South.

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