TUF 20 Interview | Joanne Calderwood: ‘My role in the house is to win’

Joanne Calderwood (right) showcased her Muay Thai skills against Livia von Plettenberg at Invicta FC 4. Photo by Esther Lin for Invicta Fighting Championships
Joanne Calderwood (right) showcased her Muay Thai skills against Livia von Plettenberg at Invicta FC 4. Photo by Esther Lin for Invicta Fighting Championships
Joanne Calderwood aka “JoJo” has no preference to who’s on her team or opposing squad for The Ultimate Fighter 20 as she is looking forward to training with and fighting any of the 15 girls. “I know that I’m in there as an individual and the whole team thing doesn’t mean anything…,” she explains.

Of course you wouldn’t expect to hear anything else from any of the 11 ladies chosen so far to compete, but a few are definitely on the radar, including Tecia Torres who has recently cited Calderwood as potentially being one of the biggest challenges. “I’m glad of this as I want to fight the best at their best,” says JoJo regarding Torres’ comments toward her.

Going in she understands that all the girls will be tough and potential winners, in addition to those yet to get through the tryouts. “I respect them all but I fear none of them,” she remarks.

One of the things some are questioning is whether the season will bring in its highest ratings, and Calderwood can’t see it not being a success because of “so many different characters, some of the drama already started with Carla calling out Tecia, and some other the other sh*t.” However, she plans to stay clear of all the drama while mastering her plan to get the UFC belt, but thinks that it will be, “good telly.” “My only role in the house will be to win,” JoJo confidently states.

The 8-0 fighter is coming off a four match winning streak that includes one with CWFC and three from Invicta FC who she credits for giving her a chance to fight in the U.S. and meet some great people. Most importantly she values just being part of the the all women’s fight promotion that in part has made TUF 20 possible.

Read below for the rest of the interview about new sponsors, how her life has changed, and which fight she considers her best performance of 2013.

Q. Since the announcement have any new sponsors reached out to back you?
It’s been more management companies contacting me with different offers including sponsorship. I’m thinking a few over right now, some are really exciting and have some of the top names in the sport on the books.

Q. How has your personal life, mentality and training changed since the signing?
It’s pretty much the same, was pretty busy interview wise but that’s calmed now now and never got in my way of training which is all that matters. I’m happy to help promote the sport and I’m sure I’ll get busy again closer to the time. I won’t let it effect my personal life.

Q. If you had to choose a title for TUF 20 what would it be and why?
“Strawweight Showdown” cause we are strawweights that like to put on a show ha!

Q. Which fight in 2013 do you consider your best performance?
I think I can take a lot away from all four so that’s good enough for me. I never see myself having my best performance as it’s yet to come. I guess the last one beating Katja, she was undefeated and had a style that’s dominated other girls before. She was ranked higher and is a world class fighter.

Thank you JoJo, and with no disrespect you are truly a Bad MoFo. Your record speaks for itself.

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