Craig Johnson talks about V3Fights main event against Wade Johnson

As the sport of MMA continues to evolve, one thing has remained constant…. Wrestlers seem to dominate the sport and make elite MMA fighters.  On January 18, fight fans are in for a treat when former collegiate wrestler “Relentless” Craig Johnson steps into the V3 cage to face Wade Johnson in the main event.

Johnson is currently 5-1 and fights out of the Fit Factory in Sevierville, TN.  He got started in MMA back in 2008.  He wrestled at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and coached at Carson-Newman College, but up until that point he never felt that he had accomplished his goals in the sport.  Johnson always wanted to compete in MMA but was unaware that there were any gyms around for him to train.  At the time, his brother-in-law had just turned pro in MMA and Johnson would train with him whenever he came in town.  His brother-in-law told him that he could probably fight at a high level because of his wrestling background.  He has been at it ever since.

Johnson had a lot to say when asked about his opponent, Wade “The Hammer” Johnson:

“Wade seems like a tough opponent. He definitely has an impressive record as a pro and of course as an amateur as well. I have watched a little video on him, but I’ll let Gene do most of the film study because he is a ‘wizard’ and is way better at analyzing video and coming up with specific game planning strategies for specific opponents.  One thing I will say, Wade Johnson doesn’t seem to have any quit in him. Now that I like, because if he has even a hint of quit in there somewhere, then I consider it a personal challenge to find it, and exploit it!!!  I see this fight going wherever I want it to go. Wrestling dictates where the fight goes.  If I want to stand and bang, we will stand and bang, if I want to go to the ground, that’s where we’re heading. Now, if he has solid takedown defense and sneaky takedowns, he may get to choose where it goes at some point, but he better do his homework if he wants to control this fight.”

Johnson knows that this is the biggest fight of his career and a huge stage to showcase his skills.

“It’s always good to main event a card. It’s even more meaningful to be included on a card with so many high level pros. I feel like I need to put on a huge performance and entertain the crowd and do my part in making this event live up to and even go beyond the hype that it is generating. There are probably three or four other fights on this card that could be the main event, so I feel honored and will make sure and put on a performance that is beyond main event worthy,” states Johnson.

This event will be available on Ustream pay per view and televised on Comcast Sports South.

Ticket prices start at $35.

About V3Fights

 V3Fights was founded in Memphis, TN as an amateur fighting circuit in 2009.  In 2014, the company will make their professional debut.  The company’s mission is to provide quality professional MMA events for fans across the mid-south whether it be live, on television, or pay per view.  V3Fights is one of the premier launching pads for professional MMA fighters are the next generation of MMA.  For more information on V3Fights, visit

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