ufc 168 LIVE resultsUFC 168: SILVA VS. WEIDMAN 2 goes down this evening from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Anderson “The Spider” Silva will attempt to regain the 185-pound title he held for so long, and newly-crowned champ Chris Weidman will attempt to prove his knockout win over Silva in their first fight was no fluke.

In another rematch, UFC women’s bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey will go toe-to-toe with her arch nemesis and Ultimate Fighter rival coach Miesha Tate. The two fought once before back in Strikeforce when Rousey broke Tate’s arm to take home the title. Will she have a repeat performance or has Tate figured out the Rousey puzzle?

Stick with us as ProMMAnow.com provides LIVE results and play-by-play commentary of all the action.

UFC 168 quick results:

Main card (Pay-Per-View – 10 p.m. ET)

  • Chris Weidman def. Anderson Silva by TKO (injury) Rd 2 (1:16) – for UFC middleweight title
  • Ronda Rousey def. Miesha Tate by submission (armbar) Rd 3 (:58) – for UFC women’s bantamweight title
  • Travis Browne def. Josh Barnett by knockout (elbows) Rd 1 (1:00)
  • Jim Miller def. Fabricio Camoes by submission (armbar) Rd 1 (3:42)
  • Dustin Poirier def. Diego Brandao by TKO (punches) Rd 1 (4:54)

Preliminary card (Fox Sports 1 – 8 p.m. ET)

  • Uriah Hall def. Chris Leben by TKO (forfeit) Rd 1 (5:00)
  • Michael Johnson def. Gleison Tibau by knockout (punches) Rd 2 (1:32)
  • Dennis Siver def. Manny Gamburyan by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)
  • John Howard def. Siyar Bahadurzada by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Preliminary card (Online – 7 p.m. ET)

  • William Macario def. Bobby Voelker by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)
  • Robbie Peralta def. Estevan Payan by TKO (punches) Rd 3 (:12)

UFC 168 play-by-play:

John Howard vs. Siyar Bahadurzada

Round 1 – Howard checks a leg kick. Inside leg kick from Siyar. Big leg kick from Howard. Left hook and a right follows. Left hook from Siyar. He blocks a head kick from Siyar. Nice right from Siyar stops the advance of Howard momentarily. Siyar with a punch combo, Howard with a leg kick counter. Siyar pushes him to the cage. They trade knees against the cage. Howard turns him around. They separate. Leg kick from Siyar. Howard checks the next one. Misses a big left hook. Right from Siyar, Howard shoots, stuffed. Siyar pushes him to the cage; knee to body. Howard shoots and gets a big takedown with just over a minute left in the round. Howard on top in half guard, trying to work the ground n pound. Gets to mount, Siyar gives up his back, gets to his feet. Howard holding him from behind, drops levels, stuffed. Left right left from Siyar. Big left from Howard. PMN sees it 10-9 Howard.

Round 2 – Nice left hook from Howard but Howard lands a nice counter. Howard winging shots but nothing much landing. Right from Howard. Nice left hook. He shoots, stuffed. Pushes Siyar to the cage, holds the back of his head and lands some uppercuts. Body shot and a knee to the body from Siyar pushes Howard to the cage then gets a takedown. Inside Howard’s full guard. Howard looks for a triangle choke, does not have it but is able to get to his feet. Leg kick from Howard. Knee from Siyar, they clinch up against the cage. Knee and a right from Siyar. Howard fires back with  a left right combo. With Howard’s back to the cage Siyar wings some shots. Both guys slowing down. Clinch, dirty boxing, uppercut from Howard, knees from Siyar. Siyar pushes him to the cage. Howard drops levels, picks Siyar up over his head for a big slam. Crowd goes nuts but Siyar is right back up. Howard looking for another takedown at the bell. PMN sees it 10-9 Howard.

Round 3 – Leg kick Howard. Left hook. Nice right to the body from Howard, he shoots in, pushes Siyar to the cage. Howard backs off and lands some big punches. Siyar tells him to bring it on. Nice right to the body from Siyar. Right hand and a knee from Siyar. Clinch, dirty boxing, uppercut from Howard. Howard with a takedown. Inside full guard. He postures up with punches, lands some big right hands to the chin. Siyar gets to his feet, rolls for a leglock. No dice. Howard back on top in half guard, dropping elbows. Two minutes to go. Howard working ground n pound, looking to mount — full mount now. Siyar gives up his back, Howard with both hooks in. Under a minute to go. Howard rides out the round on Siyar’s back. PMN sees it 10-9 and 30-27 for Howard.

OFFICIAL RESULT: John Howard def. Siyar Bahadurzada by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Dennis Siver vs. Manvel Gamburyan

Round 1 – Inside leg kick from Siver. Big right left punches from Manny. Inside leg kick Siver. He ducks a left hook from Manny and puts The Manvel on his back. Manny looks for an armbar. Siver inside full guard working ground n pound escapes immediate danger. Manny goes for a leg as Siver gets to his feet. They square up. Leg kick Siver. Left hand. Right follows. Right to body from Manny, left from Siver. Leg kick Siver. Leg kick Siver. Body kick. Spinning back kick from Manny. Leg kick Siver. Uppercut. Manny lands a nice right. Inside leg kick Siver. Left hook. Big right from Manny, then puts Siver on his back. Manny goes for a leg lock. Siver landing punches to his head though forcing Manny to let it go. Siver jumps on his back, gets a standing body triangle. 20 seconds to go. Siver softens him up but time is up. PMN sees it 10-9 Siver.

Round 2 – Touch gloves. Big right from Manny but he goes to a knee after also taking a shot. He’s right back up and calls Siver forward. Leg kick Siver. Manny misses a spinning backfist. Manny gets a takedown, inside full guard. Siver keeping him tight. Elbow from Manny. Siver bleeding from the shot and Manny turns it up a bit with more elbows, moves to half guard. Siver with elbows off his back, Manny with another but Siver escapes to his feet. Leg kick Siver. Big leg kick Manny. Spinning head kick from Manny touches the head of Siver. Front kick and a punch combo from Siver. Manny wings a left right then shoots in for a nice slam. Manny on top in half guard now. 30 seconds to go. Siver trying to get up, Manny landing some elbows from top before the bell. PMN sees it 10-9 Manny.

Round 3 – Touch gloves. Leg kick Siver. Right from Manny. Leg kick Siver. Head kick Manny. Siver walks through it, leg kick. Siver goes for an inside leg kick, it goes high and time is called. Siver shoots, gets Manny on his back. Elbow from the bottom by Manny. Siver inside full guard, landing body shots. Manny looking for a kimura. More body shots from Siver. Siver takes Manny’s back, one hook in as they roll backward a full somersault. Siver now with a body triangle. Manny gets to his knees but Siver is still on his back with the body triangle. 90 seconds to go. Siver softening him up with punches but isn’t going to be able to finish. PMN sees it 10-9 and 29-28 for Siver.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dennis Siver def. Manny Gamburyan by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Gleison Tibau vs. Michael Johnson

Round 1 – High kick from Tibau. Right to body from Johnson. Right from Johnson. Tibau pushes him to the cage. Leg kick Johnson. Leg kick Johnson. Big right from Johnson wobbles Tibau. Nice right to the body from Johnson. Leg kick from Johnson. Left from Johnson. Tibau shoots, stuffed. Jab from Johnson. Left right. Left. Tibau clinches up, pushes Johnson to the cage. They trade knees. Close round but PMN sees it for Johnson 10-9.

Round 2 – Leg kick Tibau. Jab from Johnson. High kick Tibau. Nice one two from Johnson. Right body shot from Johnson. Johnson lands a big left to the temple and follows it up knocking Tibau out. Good stuff from the Blackzilian fighter.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Michael Johnson def. Gleison Tibau by knockout (punches) Rd 2 (1:32)

Chris Leben vs. Uriah Hall

Round 1 – Front kick from Hall knocks Leben down. He gets right up. Jab from Hall. Nice jab from Hall. Nice knee from Hall. Leg kick from Leben. Leg kick Leben. Clinch, knee from Hall. Leg kick Leben. Knee from Hall. Front kick Hall. Jab from Hall. Right step aside from Hall. Leg kick Leben. Elbow Hall. Leg kick Leben. Body kick Hall. Big leg kick inside from Leben. Jab from Hall. Left from Leben. Leg kick Hall. Elbow. Leg kick Leben. Leg kick Leben. Hall lands a perfect right that puts Leben down. Hall follows up but is saved by the bell. PMN sees it 10-9 Hall.

Round 2 – Leben asked his corner between rounds if he got knocked out. He said he’s done. This fight is over before round two starts.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Uriah Hall def. Chris Leben by TKO (forfeit) Rd 1 (5:00)

Dustin Poirier vs. Diego Brandao

Round 1 – Poirier will get both bonuses if they win fight of the night because Brandao didn’t make weight. Leg kick Poirier. Leg kick again. Body kick Brandao. Left from Poirier backs Brandao up. Brandao with a punch combo. Leg kick Poirier. Leg kick Brandao. Right from Brandao, Poirier returns same. Jab from Poirier. Big right from Poirier. Body shot from Brandao. Right hand, overhand right drops Poirier but he’s right back up. Right from Poirier. Clinch, trip takedown from Brandao but Poirier bounces right up. Body shot from Poirier, big right to the face follows. Leg kick Poirier. Left hand. Leg kick. Brandao shoots, gets Poirier down but he gets right up. He hurts Brandao with body and head shots. Brandao goes down and Poirier pours it on with under 20 seconds left. This fight is over.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dustin Poirier def. Diego Brandao by TKO (punches) Rd 1 (4:54)

Jim Miller vs. Fabrício Camões

Round 1 – Leg kick Camoes. Clinch, knee from Camoes. Left hook on the break. Big left hook from Camoes. Right to body. Counter right from Miller. Left from Camoes. Left hook, leg kick. Left again from Camoes. Leg kick Miller. Head kick from Camoes, Miller catches the leg and dumps him to the ground. Camoes gets up and takes Miller down, now inside full guard. Body shots from Camoes. Miller throws his legs up for an armbar. Camoes taps out!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jim Miller def. Fabricio Camoes by submission (armbar) Rd 1 (3:42)

Josh Barnett vs. Travis Browne

Round 1 – Left hook Browne. Leg kick Barnett. Clinch, knee from Barnett. Clinch, Browne escapes, Jab from Browne, right hand. Leg kick from Barnett. Barnett eats a big knee as he shoots in. Barnett continues for the takedown but Browne lands some vicious elbows to the side of Barnett’s head and The Warmaster goes unconscious. Holy Sh*t! Barnett is cut badly under his eye which can now be seen after he wakes up.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Travis Browne def. Josh Barnett by knockout (elbows) Rd 1 (1:00)

Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate

Round 1 – Tate walks out to Katy Perry. Ronda walks out to Joan Jett. No glove touch. They slug it out for a minute then Ronda gets a takedown, left hands to the face and a knee as Miesha gets to her feet. Ronda pushes her to the cage. Right hands from Ronda. Knee to the thigh from Tate. Front kick from Ronda. She catches a leg and puts Tate down. Miesha goes for a triangle but Ronda escapes. Miesha takes Ronda down. Ronda looking for an arm. Ronda beating Miesha up from the bottom. Now looking for a triangle. Miesha caught in Ronda’s guard. Miesha lands some good punches. Ronda fires back. Ronda gets a judo throw and has top control. Miesha gets free and Ronda gets back up. Miesha engages and Ronda judo throws her to her back. Ronda stands up and lets her up. Right from Miesha. Ronda lands an elbow and backs up landing punches. PMN scores it 10-9 Rousey.

Round 2 – Ronda trips her to the ground. Miesha lands an up kick. Lands a shot on Ronda as she gets up. Miesha is up but gets tossed to the ground again. Left from Tate. Ronda takes her down again. But Miesha makes her way up. Clinched against the cage. Knees to the thighs from Ronda. Knee from Tate. Another takedown from Ronda. Ronda takes full mount after a scramble. Ronda landing some punches to the face. Ronda going for the arm. Tate escapes the armbar attempt. Ronda with a reverse triangle and landing body shots. Miesha is trapped on bottom in a triangle and taking big shots. PMN sees it 10-9 Ronda.

Round 3 – Ronda comes out swinging, pushes Tate to the cage. Body shots from Ronda. Body lock, trying to drag Miesha down. She gets her down, now gets the armbar, straightens it out and Tate taps out before she breaks it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ronda Rousey def. Miesha Tate by submission (armbar) Rd 3 (:58)

Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva

Round 1 – Here we go. Touch gloves. Front kick Weidman. Weidman with a single leg takedown straight away. Silva right back up. Weidman pressing him to the cage. Knee from Silva. Weidman hurts him with punches and goes down on top of Silva, postures up with big right hands almost finishing the fight. Silva has full guard on Weidman now. Weidman landing some elbows. Elbow from Weidman. More elbows. Silva  with a body triangle from bottom. Big elbow and right hand from Weidman. Silva with an elbow off his back. Elbow and right hand from Weidman. Hammerfists from Silva off his back. Big elbow from Weidman. Weidman postures up with a right hand before the bell. Weidman is bleeding. PMN sees it 10-9 Weidman.

Round 2 – Leg kick Silva. Body kick Weidman. Silva goes for a leg kick, Weidman checks it and Silva’s leg snaps in half. Disgusting. And Anderson Silva’s UFC career may be over. Reminiscent of the Corey Hill leg break, looked eerily similar. Check the GIF courtesy of @zprophet_mma:

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chris Weidman def. Anderson Silva by TKO (injury) Rd 2 (1:16)

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