FOX Sports LIVE UFC Fight Night Post-fight – 12/6/13

kenny florian - ufc tonightThe following quotes are from tonight’s FOX SPORTS LIVE coverage of UFC FIGHT NIGHT: HUNT VS. BIGFOOT on FOX SPORTS 1. The show was hosted by Karyn Bryant, with Chael Sonnen and Rashad Evans.

UFC ON FOX Analyst Chael Sonnen on Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Bigfoot Silva being scored a draw: “This turned into a bru-ha-ha and all rules went out and we saw each guy hit every position. I was so happy that it was a draw because I didn’t want anyone announced as the loser.”

UFC ON FOX Analyst Rashad Evans on Hunt and Silva delivering an epic fight: “Both these guys did nothing that they were supposed to do and a lot more. Silva was out there switching his stances and hitting either side. Hunt scored a takedown. Who was expecting any of that?  It was an epic fight.”

UFC ON FOX Analyst Kenny Florian on Hunt vs. Silva: “These guys landed shot after shot. They showed a high level of skill and heart. Bigfoot fought a smart fight at the start trying to kick the front leg of Mark Hunt and slow him down. It was just a back-and-forth war. We had the pleasure of watching a true classic tonight.”

Sonnen on Shogun Rua’s knockout of James Te Huna: “That shot would have knocked out a horse if he landed. He gets a big resurgence and it keeps his spot in the top ten. You could see a big sigh of relief after the fight.”

Evans on what’s next for Te Huna: “This is the fight business. Sometimes you don’t have your best night of fighting. He’ll be back.”

Sonnen on Ryan Bader beating Anthony Perosh: “This went the way we expected. Bader was a little better, a little stronger and he landed the better punches.”

Evans on Bader’s victory over Perosh: “Bader was just too big and too strong for Perosh. I’ll give the old man this – Perosh is tough.”

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