Fightland presents ‘Thai prison fights’

Prison Fights
Fightland today presents the latest from Fightland Show, titled Thai Prison Fights. In the episode, Fightland travels to a high-security prison in Bangkok where inmates box outsiders for money, shorter sentences, and the greater glory of Thailand.

Watch Thai Prison Fights on Fightland:

Being incarcerated is never good, but getting locked up in Thailand is a particularly bad idea. The country’s prisons consistently feature prominently on lists of the world’s worst. Conditions for inmates are notoriously harsh, and contact with the outside world is minimal – which is why fighting outsiders is so appealing to cooped-up inmates.

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Don’t be fooled by all the shaved heads and broken bones: Mixed martial arts is a world of tacticians, moralists, spiritualists, traditionalists, eccentrics, disciplinarians, innovators, and nerds — men and women who willingly lock themselves away from the world to master the fine art of fighting the way others master the piano or quantum theory. Fightland tells the story of MMA as it is today: an ever-expanding, ever-evolving culture where athletes sacrifice their blood and bodies in a shared search for something like art.


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