Rashad Evans wins the UFC on FOX 2 main event and gets a title shot with UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones on April 17 in Atlanta.

Rashad Evans stopped by UFC Tonight to talk with Kenny and Chael. Of course Evans is coming off a first round win over Sonnen at UFC 167 and now owns bragging rights between the pair but it was all business for that as they are both scheduled to work UFC Fight Night on December 6th.

When asked how he scored the main event between Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks, the former light heavyweight champ said he had it initially three round to two for the champ GSP. He also said that Hendricks had a case for winning the fight as well though.

Kenny Florian inquired as to what Chael said to Rashad following a brutal elbow in the fight on Saturday night. Rashad’s response, ” He said, oww that hurt”. It was something that threw Evans off for a second until he realized that he was in an actual fight.

Check out the entire interview from last night here and remember you can watch UFC Tonight Wednesday’s on FOX Sports 1.

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