kenny florian - ufc tonightOn this week’s edition of UFC TONIGHT, hosts Kenny Florian and Chael Sonnenwere joined by Johny HendricksRashad EvansMichael Bisping and UFC President Dana White to recap the controversial ending to the Welterweight Title bout between Hendricks vs. George St. Pierre last Saturday night at UFC 167. Plus, Evans joins via satellite to breakdown his battle Saturday night with Sonnen and Bisping looks forward to getting back in the cage.

UFC TONIGHT Hosts Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian on who won the main event last weekend between Hendricks and St. Pierre:

Sonnen: “Johny Hendricks beat him up but we follow a 10-9 must system and all 10-9 rounds are not created equal.  You can have a blow in a round or a very tight round.  But one guy gets 10 and one guy gets 9.  In my opinion GSP won 3-2 [rounds].”       

Florian: “I caught a lot of flack on twitter because I said that George St. Pierre won rounds 1, 3 and 5 but after the fight, Fightmetric provided us with some numbers.  If you look at round 1, that was the closest and the numbers back that up.  19 significant strikes landed for George St. Pierre to 18 significant strikes landed for Johny Hendricks…”

Sonnen: “It comes down to one round and that is the first round.  I thought round 2 was Hendricks, I thought round 3 was George, I thought round 4 was Hendricks and round 5 was George.  The first round was a little bit up for grabs.  It was back and forth.  The Fightmetrics leans towards George by one strike equal on takedowns.”

Welterweight contender Johny Hendricks joined UFC Tonight via satellite to give his thoughts on the tough loss he suffered Saturday night:

Hendricks:  “I out struck him, out jabbed him, landed combinations, and he couldn’t take me down.  I was able to hold him down and do ground and pound.  He looked like he got hit with a sledgehammer multiple times in the face and I had a little bruise.  I pretty much won the fight everywhere it could go and it just didn’t go on the scorecard.

UFC President Dana White on what he wanted to make clear following Pierre’s controversial win over Hendricks:

White:  “I wanted to make it absolutely clear that we in no way, shape or form have any input whatsoever on the judges or the referees.  We don’t pick them.  We have nothing to do with them.  Obviously, I was a little fired up on Saturday night.”

UFC on FOX commentator Rashad Evans joined to discuss Saturday night’s fight against host Sonnen.  Florian heard that Sonnen said something to Evans following an elbow Evans delivered: 

Evans:  “He said, ‘owww, that hurt.’  And for a second, I almost apologized and said I’m sorry.  And I forgot that it was a fight.  It was like the rarest, weirdest thing I’ve ever heard because he looked at me in the eye and was like, ‘man, that hurt’ and I went into practice mode immediately and thought, oh man, I didn’t mean to hit you that hard.”

UFC Fighter Michael Bisping joined Florian and Sonnen in-studio and gave viewers an update on the status of his injured eye: 

Bisping:  “If people don’t know, I had a detached retina.  I was at the doctor’s this morning and they’ve given me the green light to start properly training again.  I’ve been running and lifting weights for a while.  Now I can get back in the MMA gyms to work on a few things.  He actually said, ‘call the UFC and book a fight.  You’re definitely going to be able to fight around March or April of next year.’”

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