MMA: UFC-Fight for the Troops-Green vs Krause
Credit: Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

It was a decision that left many people asking exactly what happened last week in Ft. Campbell. James Krause and Bobby Green squared off in what some called a people’s main event at UFC Fight Night 31. Neither fighter could have imagined the way the fight would end.

Green landed two low blows and was deducted a point by referee John McCarthy. A third strike landed dangerously close to the groin area but appeared to have hit the belt line of Krause. Krause dropped to the ground and McCarthy stepped in waving his arms signalling the fight to be over. Many thought Green had just been disqualified. Actually McCarthy ruled that Krause was unable to continue declaring a TKO win for Green.

The Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Authority confirmed today that representatives for Krause appealed the decision and were seeking a no contest. After hearing the argument, the KBWA declared the the ruling was upheld and that there were no grounds to change the outcome.

Bobby Green has since agreed to a fight at UFC on FOX 9 against Pat Healy and there is no word on what is next for Krause. Here is Green immediately after the fight explaining what happened.

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