Performance Spotlight: Gamma-O V2 Series Testosterone Booster

gamma-o-v2Testosterone boosters are increasingly sought after for athletic performance and benefits to overall wellness. The Gamma-O V2 Series Testosterone Booster from Gamma Labs reflects this growing trend.

With increased potency stemming from natural substances such as maca root powder, the Gamma-O V2 Series builds upon the foundation of its popular predecessor introduced in 2004.

Gamma oryzanol, or Gamma-O, remains the primary natural substance in the Gamma O-V2 Series. Much like testosterone boosters as a whole, the known benefits of gamma oryzanol have multiplied from the compound’s original use in treating anxiety.

Gamma-O is now widely used as a testosterone booster to increase muscle endurance and expedite athletic recovery. Gamma oryzanol is extracted from plant sterols in corn, rice and barley through a sophisticated process.

The added benefits of gamma-o include endorphin release to improve mood levels and antioxidants to safeguard against free radical damage.

The Gamma-O V2 Series features the added benefits of hormonal optimization, which can facilitate even greater gains in training and otherwise. This is achieved through the introduction of maca root powder, indole-3 carbinol and vitamin D3.

The enhanced all natural formula is designed to help athletes combat dreaded plateaus, while also realizing gains to overall well-being.

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