MFC 38 ON SALE LIVE OCT 4 Edmonton CanadaThree new champions were crowned on October 4th in Edmonton at MFC 38: Behind Enemy Lines at what was arguably the Maximum Fighting Championship’s biggest show to date.

On such an important and pivotal night in the history of the organization, you could not have written the story of the show any better than how the reality transpired in the ring.

“Smilen” Sam Alvey came through with a thrilling “bottom of the ninth” knockout win over Jason South with four seconds remaining in the final round to claim the MFC middleweight title.

Anthony Hamilton notched his fifth straight win while handing Smealinho “The Prince” Rama the first loss of his MMA career in destructive head kick KO fashion en route to becoming the MFC heavyweight champion.

Anthony Birchak showcased his well-rounded skillset in the show’s main event to secure a rear naked choke submission win over Tito Jones in the 2nd round and become the first bantamweight champion in MFC history.

Becoming a champion in the MFC gives you a new level of recognition in the MMA world, a significant bump in world rank, and many new professional opportunities.  Reaching this level is a momentous milestone in the career of a fighter and one can only imagine the sacrifice those who reach that milestone have to make along their respective paths.  Here is what the new divisional kings had to say about their experiences and their new positions as champions.

On being the champ:
The MFC is one of only two or three world-class MMA organizations and to be a champion of that caliber means that for the rest of my life I will be able to tell my children, to tell my neighbors, to tell my friends that I was one of the best in the world.  That really means a lot to me.

On his fight with Jason South:
I felt the fight with Jason South was a great fight.  I really got to go to war with someone who deserved to be there.  It was a very tough fight.  His conditioning and his skillset were definitely in their prime and I was blessed to come away with the knockout late in the 5th round.

On his future in the MFC:
I’m looking forward to making my name in MFC history.  I want to be the champion they have that people want to come and see.  I want my place in the MFC to be in the history books for a long time.

On being the champ:
Being MFC Champion is a dream come true.  The MFC is one the biggest and most respected MMA organizations in the world and to be their champion is a blessing and an honor.  When I first got into MMA, I remember always hearing about their past champions… and I can recall thinking how awesome it would be to reach the level of those guys.  Now I’m here and the feeling and experience has been amazing.

On his future in the MFC:
Mark Pavelich and his family have built the MFC into something phenomenal.  I’m excited to see what they have planned next and can’t wait to get back in there and defend the title.

On perseverance:
With all the tremendous adversity and small things that got in my way, the belt is almost more amazing to me.  I had every reason to pull out of the fight and not go through with it.  I had every reason to give up on my dream and just deal with all the bullshit that life has thrown at me.  Through all the pain and suffering and life that managed to get in the way, I persevered and finished the race.

Yeah, my belt is shiny and the leather is smooth and new, but it came as the result of a tremendous amount of struggle that I as a man had to sort out myself.  Yes, I had support and a helping hand around every corner, don’t get me wrong, but we we’re born alone, we fight alone and we die alone.  This title was something that I by myself had to want more than anything else and strive to capture!

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