MMA Scoring: There’s nothing wrong with the 10-point system in MMA

joe roganUFC commentator Joe Rogan isn’t shy when voicing his opinion on a myriad of issues. He loves to talk about all types of crazy stuff on his podcast and some of it is pretty entertaining. However, Rogan went on a tirade about MMA judging recently on the FOX Sports’ Fighter and the Kid Podcast:

“Scoring is very flawed,” said Rogam. “It’s flawed in a bunch of different ways. The biggest reason it’s flawed is because of the 10-Point Must system which was adopted from boxing. That might work in a 12-round fight. 12, three minute rounds is very different than three, five minute rounds. Three, five minute rounds, you’re going 10-9 on rounds that either guy could win and then the next round a guy could get taken down, busted up, dropped, and you score that a 10-9 as well. That makes no f—ing sense. The system in place right now, the scoring system, is from boxing and they need to develop one just for MMA.

There’s really nothing wrong with the 10 point system in MMA. I can count on one hand over the past few years the fights in which I really had no idea who won the fight. Should an entire system be trashed for a couple of fights? No, hell umpires in football still get calls wrong and they have instant replay.

I can relate to Rogan’s dislike of how judges decisions come down sometimes. However, the problem isn’t the scoring system, it’s the judges that score the fights themselves. A perfect MMA scoring system could be developed, yet if the judges are not competent on how that scoring system works, well it wouldn’t be very good either. The judges need to be schooled on how to score MMA fights based on the criteria for MMA judging.

That’s the starting point, once MMA judges become more competent, the days of fans screaming robbery after every close fight would be close to over (except of course those fans that are delusional and always watched fights with bias towards certain fighters).

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