“XFC 25: Boiling Point” takes place today at Albuquerque Convention Center in Albuquerque, N.M., and features the crowning of the the inaugural XFC strawweight championship as Stephanie Eggink and Angela Magana battle in the main event.

XFC 25 will air live on AXS.TV at 10:00 p.m ET (7:00 PT).

ProMMAnow.com (www.prommanow.com) will provide LIVE results and play-by-play updates starting at approximately 10:00 p.m. ET (7:00 p.m. PT) for the preliminary card and 5 p.m. ET for the televised portion of the card.


MAIN CARD (Axs.TV, 10 p.m. ET)

  • Stephanie Eggink def. Angela Magana by submission (triangle choke) Rd. 2 (3:10)
  • Dhiego Lima def. Ricky Rainey by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
  • Farkhad Sharipov def. Stephen Bass by TKO (strikes) Rd. 2 (4:19)
  • Ryan Thomas def. Rocky France by submission (triangle choke) Rd. 2 (1:27)
  • Lando Vannata def. JP Reese by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)
  • Joby Sanchez defeats Eric Moell by TKO (strikes) Rd. 1 (3:25)



Round 1 – Moell stalking early. Sanchez throws a jab, and Moell dips in for a single leg takedown. Sanchez pops to his feet quickly. Moell stays on him, pressing Sanchez on the cage. Moell working some dirty boxing in close. Sanchez fights off a takedown attempt then lands a left hook on the break. Sanchez looking for his range. He fires off a high kick that lands on the jaw of Moell. Sanchez with a one-two combo. Moell again changes levels and grabs a leg. Sanchez defends, then finds himself of the cage. Moell works for a throw but Sanchez shrugs him off. Sanchez leaps in with a jumping knee. Moell grabs and hangs on, trying to take the back of Sanchez as they hit the cage. Moell finally gets a clean takedown on the cage. Sanchez scrambles, and bounces to his feet. He then tags Moell with a right hand and Moell is down. Here come the elbows as the referee looks on. He’s raining them on and it’s all over.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Joby Sanchez defeats Eric Moell by TKO (strikes) Rd. 1 (3:25)


Round 1 – Reese comes flying across the cage to engage. Both fighters throw, and Reese looks for a takedown but doesn’t get it. Reese clinches and lands a knee inside. Vannata working his jab now cautious of the takedown. Reese lands a short left hand, but it’s Vannata that lands with power on the counter. Big right hand from Vannata gets the attention of Reese. Vannata is throwing with power. Big uppercut from Vannata as Reese leans in for a takedown that gets stuffed. He’s taking some shots trying to get the fight to the mat. Vannata now on top after scrambling to avoid the takedown of Reese. Back to the feet. Jab from both fighters. Reese is landing his jab now. Reese clinches, then goes with a trip takedown. He takes the back of Vannata but only for a moment as Reese gets reversed. Vannata landing elbows now. Reese looking to get back on top. They scramble back to their feet. Reese working hard to get the fight to the mat. He gets another takedown and takes the back of Vannata. That was a big takedown. If Reese can get some work in here he might take the round from Vannata. Reese looking for the rear naked choke, while softening up Vannata with right hands. Bell. PMN scores Round 1 for JP Reese.

Round 2 – Reese comes out again looking to close. Vannata fights off the initial takedown defense, but Reese sticks with it and takes the fight to the mat. Reese takes the back of Vannata, but then gets reversed. Vannata gets to his feet and takes the center of the cage. Reese working his jab again as Vannata looks to land with power. Reese closes again taking Vannata to the mat. Vannata gives up his back, but then scrambles to his feet. Vannata scores with a right hand. He’s going to need some combinations to take this round. Instead Reese gets yet another takedown with just under a minute to go. Vannata gets back to his feet, but may be down two rounds in this fight. PMN scores Round 2 for Reese, 10-9.

Round 3 – Vannata out with some urgency to start. Jab Reese. Again. Vannata throwing winging punches but isn’t connecting. Reese with the one-two combination. Jab Reese. He ducks a Vannata right hand and gets the takedown. Vannata trying desperately to get to his feet and does. Reese with the jab again. Vannata fires back with a combination of his own. Reese closes and clinches, then throws a right hand on the break. Jab Reese. Vannata needs to pick it up. Again with the jab from Reese. Vannata lands a right hand but it’s mostly one-and-done. Jab Reese. Reese has done well with the jab in this round. Vannata finally scores with a power punch and has Reese circling away. Reese scores with his jab again, but it’s Vannata that lands with a jab-uppercut combo. Jab Reese. Uppercut Vannata. Vannata stalking now. He lands a couple of kicks. He’s making a strong push. Reese dips in but can’t get the takedown. Big body shot from Vannata. Reese fires back with a looping right hand. Nice knee inside from Vannata. PMN scores the third for Vannata, and the fight overall to Reese, 29-28.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Lando Vannata def. JP Reese by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)


Round 1 – France with two leg kicks to start. Thomas fires back with a right hand over the top. Thomas driving for a takedown, pressing France into the cage. Thomas drops for a double and gets the takedown. Thomas on top now in the full guard of France. France working an active guard from his back but Thomas is controlling the action to this point form the top. Big right hand from the top. More right hands from Thomas. Thomas stacks France, and is dropping right hands. France goes for an arm, but eats another big punch from the top. Here comes the blood. Thomas has opened up a cut on the forehead of France. Thomas with a left hand now from the top. France has to get off his back. He’s getting mauled. France tries to kick Thomas off and after a scramble, France ends up in side control. Thomas has the right arm of France trapped. Blood is everywhere. Big round for Thomas. The referee steps in to take a look at the cut. It looks like a scene from Friday the 13th in the cage. The doctor takes a look as does the cutman. They clean it up and it’s back to action. End of round. All Thomas, 10-9.

Round 2 – France lunging forward throwing with power to start. He lands a leg kick but eats a counter right hand for his efforts. Thomas lands a big left hand that staggers France. Thomas locks up a plum clinch and lands a barrage of knees. France fires back to the body, and grabs a leg as Thomas fires off another knee. Thomas pulls guard and snatches an arm. The armbar looks tight. France looking to survive but Thomas transitions to the triangle and it may be over. France taps. Nice finish for Ryan Thomas.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ryan Thomas def. Rocky France by submission (triangle choke) Rd. 2 (1:27)


Round 1 – Bass lands a leg kick to start. Sharipov fires back over the top with a right hand. Nice stiff jab from Sharipov. Bass ducks a right hand and clinches. He puts Sharipov on the cage. Sharipov has some very good wrestling and looks very calm on the cage. Sharipov pushes off and takes the center of the cage. Jab from both fighters. Sharipov switching stances constantly. Bass lands another jab. Sharipov with a left hook that clips the chin of Bass. Sharipov lands a kick then shoots for a takedown that is easily avoided by Bass. Sharipov triples up on his jab. Nice left hook from Sharipov as Bass leans in. Sharipov stalking now. Head kick just blocked from Bass. To the body from Sharipov. Sharipov changes levels and takes Bass to the mat. He passes the guard quickly and is in side control. Bass scrambles but ends up with Sharipov on his back. Bass gets to his feet but still has Sharipov on his back. Watch out for the suplex. Bass fights if off nicely. Bass misses with a jab-right hand combo, then clinches. Break. Jab Bass. Sharipov returns fire with power. PMN scores round 1 for Sharipov, 10-9.

Round 2 – Sharipov with a left hook right out of the gate. Takedown Sharipov. Bass locks up the guillotine but Sharipov pulls his head free. Sharipov looks to move to full mount but Bass defends it with his butterfly guard. Sharipov stands over the open guard of Bass then dives in with a right hand. Bass kicks off and gets to his feet. Sharipov with a three-punch combination. Bass with a jab-right hand combo. Bass looks tired. Sharipov scores with a lean in right hook. Bass with a jumping knee, but Sharipov uses the momentum of Bass to put him on his back. He has Bass stacked on the cage, the passes to side mount. Bass tries to use the cage to climb over to revers but Sharipov retains control. Back to the feet. Bass is gassing badly. He swings wildly and falls to the mat. Sharipov on top of the turtled Bass. Elbows to the ribs from the top. Sharipov gets two hooks in and flattens Bass out. Big punches from the top now. Bass is covering up now. Bass rolls to his side, but has no answer for the punishment coming from Sharipov. The referee has seen enough. TKO victory for Sharipov.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Farkhad Sharipov def. Stephen Bass by TKO (strikes) Rd. 2 (4:19)


Round 1 – Lima misses with his first kick after a tentative start from both fighters. Inside leg kick, Lima. Another leg kick from Lima. Again. Rainey fires back with a kick of his own. Jab Lima. Lots of respect to start from both guys. Overhand right from Lima. Rainey counters over the top after Lima fires another kick. To the clinch now. Lima presses Rainey on the cage. Lima snatches a single but Rainey shows nice balance, then turns Lima into the cage. Nice knee inside from Rainey. Lima with a knee inside. Rainey scores with a short elbow. Lima turns and drives for a takedown. Rainey gets his hips out. Still in the clinch as the fighters battle for control. Rainey lands to the groin of Lima and the fight is halted for Lima to recover. Back to the action. Overhand right from Rainey. He’s pouring it on. Four punch combination from Rainey. The fight hits the mat, but Rainey pops back up and keeps the pressure on Lima. Close first round. Rainey drops down for a single, then disengages as both guys fire to the bell. PMN scores a close first round for Rainey, 10-9.

Round 2 – Touch of gloves. Rainey comes out with confidence. Leaping kick, then Rainey closes and lands with a right hand. Lima isn’t throwing like he normally does. He’s a bit tentative. Left hand-kick combo from Rainey. Leg kick Lima. Jab Lima. Rainey with a jab, then he clinches up, lands a knee, then steps out of range. Lima fires off a jab but he’s not stringing combinations together. Leg kick Lima. Double jab from Rainey. He follows up with a stiff right hand. To the clinch. Rainey is controlling the action in this round. Lima gets his back off the cage and circles away. Lima with a kick to the body. Leg kick Lima. Rainey steps in with a short lead left hook. Lima leans in and puts Rainey on the cage. He’s looking for a takedown but so far has been unable to take the fight to the ground. Rainey turns and puts Lima on the cage. Nice knee inside. To the body from Rainey. Lima turns and puts Rainey on the cage. He finally gets in deep enough to get a double leg takedown. Rainey back to his feet quickly. Lima gets another takedown then takes the back of Rainey. Rear naked choke attempt. Rainey shakes him off, but ends up giving up an arm. Lima goes for the armbar, but can’t secure the submission. PMN scores the second for Lima, 10-9.

Round 3 – Leg kick Lima. Rainey leaps forward with a right hand and a knee. Lima puts him right back on the cage. Rainey’s corner yelling for him to get off the cage. Lima drops down looking for a double leg takedown. Rainey fights it off and steps away from the cage. Nice combo from Rainey. He’s the busier fighter. Jab Lima. Leg kick Lima. Lima looks like he’s fading. Rainey coming forward. Combination Rainey, then he’s out of range. Jab Rainey. Jab Lima. Lima just misses with a wild uppercut. Rainey with another jab. Rainey ducks the attack of Lima, then drives his opponent into the cage. Break. Lima with a wild right hand. Rainey gets in and drives through Lima for a takedown. Lima looks content to work for submissions from his back. Rainey dives into the guard of Lima but not for long. Back to the feet. Right hand Lima. Not much on those shots. Lima is stalking. Rainey drops for a single. A takedown here could seal it for Rainey. Lima shrugs it off and moves forward. Both guys look exhausted. Lima pressing. Jab Lima. Rainey changes levels and gets a late takedown that may have won him the fight. PMN scores the final round, and the fight overall for Ricky Rainey, 29-28.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dhiego Lima def. Ricky Rainey by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


OFFICIAL RESULT: Eggink pumping her jab. Magana with a front kick. Eggink looks much, much bigger and her length may be an issue with her crisp boxing as this fight wears on. Jab Eggink. Magana fires back but Eggink looks much crisper on the feet to start. Magana leaps in but can’t find her range just yet. Leg kick Magana. Eggink stalking. Front kick from Magana. Double jab from Eggink. Eggink with a looping right hand that connects. Leg kick Eggink. Magana catches the kick and drives forward but good balance is shown from Eggink as they reset. Leg kick Magana. Overhand right, and left hook connects from Magana. Right hand, then a superman punch from Magana. Eggink fires back. PMN scores the first for Eggink, 10-9.

Round 2 – Eggink scores with a left hook, then a kick. Kicks from both fighters. Magana scores to the leg. Leg kick Eggink. Magana catches the leg, then locks up the body driving Eggink into the cage. She gets the throw, and Eggink bounces back to her feet. Magana again, sticking with the takedown attempts. She is in the full guard of Eggink now. Eggink has a very active guard from her back. Magana maintaining control so far, but Eggink is doing a good job of controlling the posture of Magana, avoiding damage. Eggink working a very high guard which she is known for. Magana postures and lands a right hand. Eggink finds an opening and locks up a tight triangle. Eggink landing punches as she cinches up the triangle. Magana is fighting it off but it’s deep. The tap comes and the XFC crowns their first ever strawweight champion in the process.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Stephanie Eggink def. Angela Magana by submission (triangle choke) Rd. 2 (3:10)

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