Coach Leo Frincu with his star pupil UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.
Coach Leo Frincu with his star pupil UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.
This blog is mostly for athletes, however, anyone can benefit from it in every aspect of their life.

In athleticism (and not only), the purpose of training is to improve one’s skills. After a training period, in order to reach their highest potential, athletes are putting themselves in a special setting called “competition”.

The main reason of one’s training regimen is to reach “peak performance”. However, most athletes are making a big mistake… They are training to improve themselves, to reach their highest potential, and they compete to win against other athletes, to compare against others.

If you ask me, these are two different goals. I’m not saying it is wrong to want to win your fight/match, I’m just saying you must reach your highest potential before wanting or expecting to win against anyone.

You are a fraud if you expect/wish/want it any other way.

All this time you’ve been training with a goal and as soon as you get to the competition you start focusing on a completely different one.

You might think it’s the same, wanting to win and wanting to reach your highest potential, however they are two different goals with two possibly different outcomes. When you want to win against someone, you are focusing on a different person, your opponent, where wanting to reach your highest potential it is totally up to you.

When you do that, your focus is only on yourself not someone else. You don’t become a champion when you become better than everyone else, you become a champion when you have reached your highest potential. The competition is the perfect setting for you to accomplish just that.

If you are focusing just in winning alone, that can bring the best, or the worst out of you. It’s almost as if you gamble and you’re giving all the power to the dealer. When you lose, you’ll call that bad luck or you’ll blame someone else for it (the referee, the pressure, etc).

That’s one of the reasons why you’re experiencing self-doubt just about before entering your match/fight. Because you don’t have absolutely any control over it, because it’s not about or up to you anymore.

Remember this, all of the world records don’t occur in training; all the outstanding performances don’t happen during rehearsals… they are happening at the world stage, in competition.

The athlete who is able to reach his highest potential is also most likely to win the gold medal. An athlete has more chances to become a champion if he/she enters a competition with the goal to reach his/her highest potential rather than just to win against someone.

Do you want to know what do you need in order to reach your highest potential?

Take advantage of the free 30 minutes coaching assessment with Leo Frincu designed to identify the obstacles that might hold you back. Thank you.

Good luck.

leo-frincuLeo Frincu came to the United States from Communist Romania with $10, a back pack and four words of English. Now, he’s a businessman, renowned trainer and mentor for UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. Among his many athletic accomplishments, Leo is a six-time Romanian wrestling champion, four-time European champion and was also trainer and coach for the 2003 U.S. Olympic Wrestling Team. Leo is the author of a new book, “Choosing Freedom,” which details the steps he took to leave the oppressive Romanian society through wrestling and how his experiences have helped him in the United States – going from a bus boy to successful entrepreneur. You can learn more about Leo Frincu on his website Also, follow Leo on Twitter @leofrincu and “LIKE” his page on Facebook.

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