Miesha TateUFC Women’s Bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey is not a huge fan of Miesha Tate nor her UFC fighter boyfriend Bryan Caraway, and has not been shy about her feelings for either. In this FOX Sports interview with Miesha Tate, she gives her opinion on why she thinks Rousey has been so critical of Caraway:

“I just think Ronda’s so crazy, you guys will see when the show [TUF 18] comes out, that I assume she can’t keep a man around for any period of time so I would imagine she’s probably pretty jealous that both Bryan and I are successful fighting in the UFC and going on 7 years, so she can’t keep him out of her mouth.”

You can hear Ronda’s response to this in her Google Hangout chat from yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Miesha Tate: ‘I assume Ronda can’t keep a man around for any period of time’”
  1. This is so goddamned stupid! Women’s MMA still hasn’t quite made it’s mark in the professional sporting world. There are loads of people who still think they (Women) shouldn’t be in the UFC or fighting in general. Now, I love Rousey and Tate! and instead of this stupid High School level drama “I’m better than you” BS they should be uniting and congratulatory towards each other for making it this far in the business. Unite and show the world just how bad-ass Women can be when you doubt them, but nope they’d rather continue on with this immature arguing.

    They should be a role model to all the young girls around the world instead of the “I have a BF, you don’t HAHAHAH” kind of girl.

  2. There are plenty of respectful role models in WMMA (just among Bantamweight contenders, you got Sara McMann and Cat Zingano). Respect doesn’t sell as many tickets though.

  3. NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! It is people like you that are allowing all of these decision fights we have had lately.. i want the fighters to HATE one another, go in and end the fight as quick as they can. Go two fights without a bonus and pffft!!! You are cut…

    I want a rule change… Tell the fighters they are not getting out of the cage until one of them is carried out.. The fight will go on until one of them is submitted, or KTFO. Take the belt from any champion who does not finish his challenger after five rounds…

    If I hear one more person complain about fighter pay, when too few of them want to finish their opponent, I will be sick… How about the ONLY way you get paid is if the fight is a SUB, or KO? If not that money is kept by the UFC and then donated to charity…

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