A dislocated shoulder brought a premature end to the title bout between Jose Aldo and “The Korean Zombie” as the champion pounced on the injured challenger getting the TKO stoppage at two minutes of the fourth round.

A cautious start to the title fight saw Chan Sung Jung landing kicks while Aldo worked his jab. The champion finally landed one of his patented leg kicks, but went away from his kicks and went to his wrestling to earn a late takedown to cap off the first round.

The usual attacking style of “The Korean Zombie” was still missing to start the second as Aldo went back to his jab and fought with patience before driving for another takedown. “The Korean Zombie” fought to retain his guard then went for an armbar attempt that the champion instantly recognized and postured out of.

The champion took a two round lead into the third, forcing Chan Sung Jung to fight with a sense of urgency. “The Korean Zombie” landed with his jab and right hand before attempting a wild flying knee the ended with him on his back. After a stall in the action with Aldo pressing “The Korean Zombie” on the cage, referee Herb Dean restarted the fighters in the center of the cage. Another flying knee and a quick scramble gave Chan Sung Jung a few seconds to stand over the champion and attempt to score with punches before the third came to an end.

The challenger came out swinging and connecting to start the championship rounds, while the champion stayed patient leaning on his jab as his primary weapon. “The Korean Zombie” continued to wing punches as he stepped forward, but after throwing an overhand right, it was evident that his shoulder dislocated. The challenger tried to take a step back and pop it back in place, but Aldo recognized it too and pounced, landing big shots from the top to the injured Chan Sung Jung.

After a flurry of strikes from the top, the official end came at the 2:00 mark as referee Herb Dean stepped in to stop the onslaught, giving Jose Aldo (23-1 MMA, 5-0 UFC) yet another successful title defense with the TKO victory.

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