miesha tate-wolfmanProMMAnow.com (www.prommanow.com) reporter Dan “The Wolfman” Theodore caught up with former Strikeforce women’s Bantamweight champ and current UFC women’s Bantamweight top contender Miesha Tate at the UFC World Tour Press Conference in Los Angeles earlier this week.

Miesha immediately recognized Dan as the guy who did this interview with Cat Zingano in which he voiced his concerns over the UFC giving a title shot to Miesha even though she’d just lost a decision to Zingano. Thankfully, for his sake, Dan was able to set the record straight with “Cupcake” and explain himself because she appeared to be ready to hit him with a rolling pin.

Miesha went on to explain her thoughts on the UFC giving her the next shot at Ronda Rousey coming off the loss (Zingano was originally given the title shot but suffered an injury). She also commented on what she perceives as Rousey’s arrogance:

“I think she [Ronda Rousey] has a really big head and has her head in the clouds about everything she’s done and she’s not giving anything back… any recognition back. She’s always been very disrespectful to me from the very beginning, before she was ever anybody and I do believe in karma. I believe it will come around to bite her in the butt.”

Miesha also shared her thoughts on the fact that she and Liz Carmouche were both able to take Rousey’s back during their fights. She sees it is a “weakness” and said she and her camp are definitely taking it into account. Lastly, Miesha gave her opinion on Rousey’s enormous popularity and also talked about her own “Cupcake” business dreams after fighting.

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