anderson silva vs chris weidmanBy now, the news is out about what’s starting to look like the biggest event in the history of UFC. Following their recent bout, Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman will have a rematch at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The rematch will almost undoubtedly attract the most viewership any UFC event ever has, and could well rope in thousands of new fans as well. So, what can we expect and who should we bet on?

Here are four key factors to keep in mind as we anticipate the December 28th rematch at UFC 168.

1. Anderson Silva Was Clowning Around

Somehow, in the weeks following Weidman’s knockout of Silva, the debate about Silva’s taunting antics has become one of whether or not he could have won if he’d taken the fight more seriously. This shouldn’t be the question. In fact, there is no question – Silva was undeniably clowning around in the pair’s first fight, and it’s safe to assume he could have fought better if he’d been a bit more serious. Whether or not he would have won, we’ll never know. But it’s probably safe to say Silva won’t be giving Weidman any more wide open opportunities in round 2 (though if anyone’s that stubbornly arrogant in the Octagon, it’s probably him).

2. Weidman Is No Fluke

The knockout of Silva was of course a monumental upset, as tends to be the case in fighting sports when a champion is de-throned. But let’s all slow down and remember that Weidman’s win was no fluke. This is a guy who’s a former All-American wrestler, and who was 5-0 in UFC heading into the fight. Sure, the odds were strongly with Silva heading into the fight, but it’s not exactly as if he got beaten by a nobody.

3. Humiliation Is A Factor

Immediately following the loss, Silva claimed he had no interest in a re-match. However, he changed his mind in less than a week, and now the re-match is scheduled and the hype is building. That quick shift in Silva’s mind tells us one thing for sure: he’s hungry for revenge. There’s no getting around what happened in the match in early July – Silva didn’t just lose, he was humiliated. There isn’t much in the world of sports more embarrassing than taunting someone and then being beaten by that someone. But most champion athletes can use vengeance and fear of humiliation to their advantage – which may just give Silva an edge.

4. The Odds Are With Silva

Finally, though it’s early, it’s worth noting that betting odds are with Silva. BetFair and specific casino odds will come in in time, but Las Vegas Sun notes that oddsmakers have set Silva at -160, and Weidman at +130 in the early going.

One thought on “Four Key Factors In The Silva-Weidman Rematch”
  1. weidmans confidence is gonna be sky high while silva is gonna be questioning himself
    trust me on this Weidman is the best middleweight in the world and he will prove it again
    by finishing silva for the second time either by knock-out or submission the spiders reign
    is over long live the new king

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