[ads1]Luke RockholdFollowing their shoving match at Friday’s UFC on FX 8 weigh-ins, Luke Rockhold responded to comments from Vitor Belfort that he is scared. “I’m scared? Yeah. I got no words for that,” Rockhold stated. “You know what, I became champion, I stayed champion and Belfort’s going to find that out tomorrow night.”

Rockhold has been on the sidelines for about 10 months and he admitted to having a slow start in his last fight against Jacare. Considering that and the fact Vitor always comes out strong in the first round, Rockhold was asked if there’s anything he could take away from his fight with Jacare that would help him in the opening minutes against Vitor.

“Vitor is always explosive off the bat, but he’s messed up in his own head,” Rockhold stated. “He’s got to build himself up through a lot of different things, his team and these things where he thinks I’m scared, he builds it in his head. The reality is if you’re in the MMA world and you know Vitor Belfort, he’s scared, I’m coming for him, I’m going to kick his ass.”


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