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It is usually the wrestling of “Mr. Wonderful” that wins fights in the octagon, but tonight it was the improved striking of Phil Davis that allowed him to dominate Vinny Magalhaes on the feet over three rounds of action to earn a lopsided unanimous decision victory.

Vinny Magalhaes came out scoring with his kicks to start, alternating between leg kicks and going high looking for the head of Davis. Davis fired back with his one-two combinations down the middle. After a brief clinch on the cage, Magalhaes went right back to his kicks to establish distance, but it was Davis the did significant damage first as he landed a kick upstairs that staggered Magalhaes.

Davis then peppered Magalhaes with a flurry of punches but could not capitalize as Magalhaes quickly recovered. Magalhaes then got exactly what he wanted, catching a kick from Davis and scrambling to take the back after the fight hit the ground. Magalhaes worked on isolating an arm, but Davis managed to scramble out of trouble and get back to his feet. Davis kept busy with his jab and right hand as the round wore on looking much better on his feet than in previous appearances.

Both guys came out swinging to start the second, with Magalhaes scoring over the top with his right hand as Davis continued to land with combinations. The fight briefly hit the mat, but Davis refused to play the game of Magalhaes, letting him back to his feet. Davis continued to mix it up, throwing kicks with his combinations and doubling up on his jab. Magalhaes had no answer for the jab of Davis as he hesitated to throw despite the calls from his corner to go first. Davis continued beating Magalhaes to the punch with his stiff jab to end a very dominating round.

Magalhaes came forward to start the final round, but still failed to put together combinations as Davis continued to land with his jab. The jab continued to be the story as the round wore on as Davis scored at will from the outside. Magalhaes fired back with kicks but they were few and far between as time wound down on the final stanza. Magalhaes shot for a late takedown but Davis easily evaded the attempt and resumed his boxing attack on the feet as time expired.

When the scorecards came back, it was all Phil Davis (11-1 MMA, 7-1 UFC) as he was awarded the unanimous decision victory with scores of 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.

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