MMA Product Review: RevGear Samurai Series

RevGear Samurai Series
RevGear sent us over some products from their new Samurai Series line. In this MMA product review I’ll be looking at the TEKKO MMA GLOVES, the SUNEATE SHIN GUARDS, the HAIDATE FIGHT SHORTS, and the SASHIMONO SHIRT. Each piece of the Samurai Series gear is named and modeled after actual pieces of armor used by the ancient Japanese warriors.


RevGear gloves all angles

The Tekkō MMA Glove protects the back of the hand while leaving the palm open for better grip during grappling. The Softech Leather used by RevGear is extremely comfortable and already feels worn in.

The padding over the knuckles and the back of the hand is thicker than the pair of UFC gloves I also have so there is more protection there. The open palm of course also helps keep your hands from getting as sweaty.

I really like the long wrist strap as it provides more support for your wrist during those hard punches. The extra padding and wrist support helps cut down on the shock to your joints during those heavy bag workouts as well.

Cost: $74.99


RevGear Shin Guards

There are several things I really like about this Suneate Shin Guards. Number one, they do not move around or loosen, they fit snug with the adjustable velcro hook and loop straps around the calf and the step-through loops around the achilles and sole.

Another great thing about these are the padding under the straps on the back of the calf. You can remove these if you want, but I see no point in that as they will protect the back of your calves from certain low kicks, but it also keeps the strap from rubbing.

For shin guards, which are sort of inherently annoying, these really are as comfortable. The shin padding is not too soft and not too hard. There’s a layer of gel padding on top of the guard that provides extra cushion for the top of the foot and shin. They are far from flimsy but at the same time feel quite durable and as though they could endure a ton of punishment.

Cost: $89.99

RevGear Shorts

RevGear’s Haidate shorts has the look of the Gusoku armor used to protect the Samurai’s thighs. They look cool. Personally, I like the one’s on RevGear’s website with the black front better, but the option is yours.

The fabric is 88% polyester and 12% spandex and treated with a water-repellent for quick-dry action — you know like if you sweat a bunch or if you realize at the last moment your opponent is five-time world kickboxing champ and you wet yourself — then you’ll be extra thankful these are non absorbent. They are like the anti-diaper.

The light weight and 360-degree stretch fabric gives your legs a wide range of motion without feeling restricted. Head kicks no problem. Jumping Van Damme split kicks to two attackers no problem. There’s also five-inch slits on the sides of the shorts that have reinforced stitching to prevent ripping.

The specialized Ultra-Lock hook and loop waistband and drawstring allows for a perfect fit around the waist. That’s important. Also, like many shorts nowadays, it has a hidden pocket inside the waist band for  a mouth piece (or car keys or whatever).

Cost: $69.99


RevGear T-Shirt

I recently saw Fabricio Werdum and some fighters from this past weekend’s UFC event wearing this shirt. I was like cool, there’s my shirt. So check it. You might think, a shirt’s a shirt. It’s true, a shirt is a shirt. Unless it’s a big shirt you wear on top of your other shirts, then it’s more like a coat. But I digress…

Actually a shirt is not just a shirt, meaning, I won’t wear just any ol’ T-Shirt. First of all, they have to be lightweight. There’s nothing I hate worse than a big thick un-stretchy constricting T-Shirt. If you ever want to torture me for information, forget water boarding just stick me in a big thick and heavy tight shirt for a few hours and I’ll spill the beans.

Secondly, the shirt has to at least not embarrass me. I hate bright colors and neon. If a shirt has a certain couple of qualities we can at least talk. We can get to know each other. If we’re gonna date though, if I’m gonna take you out in public, you gotta look good. And if we’re gonna get married. If we’re living together day-in day-out, you must be 100% cotton. This shirt meets my high standards.

It has some cool Japanese symbol on the front which I have no idea what it means, but it makes me look smart, like I know something you don’t. And it also gives the impression I might know some secret deadly martial art that you’ve never heard of. It even says “Pro Gear For Pro Fighters” on the front, so even if you don’t fight, you can look like you do. That’s important.

Okay, so I actually do know what the symbol on the front means because RevGear’s site told me. “Sashimono is the banner or flag of Sengoku warriors that displayed the family crest or faction they were fighting for during chaotic battles. The bold kanji graphics of the Samurai Sashimono Tee translated means: to strike, a necessary move for all warriors.” See, now I look cool and I can even impress someone if they ask me what it means.

Cost: $24.99


RevGear also offers Head Gear and Boxing Gloves as part of the Samurai Series. You can check both of those out and the rest of the Samurai Series gear at

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