Travis Browne promised fans that they would see version 2.0 of “Hapa” and he delivered, taking out Gabriel Gonzaga with a flurry of elbows against the cage to make an immediate step back into contention, earning the big knockout at 1:11 of the first round.

Browne came out fast, going high with a kick that sailed over the head of Gabriel Gonzaga. “Hapa” slipped during the missed kick and Gonzaga pounced, but Browne managed to get back to his feet before he could be secured on the mat. Gonzaga then pressured on the cage, looking for a takedown but Browne fought off the attempt with a strong underhook.

Then came the elbows.

The first couple of elbows landed right behind the ear, staggering Gonzaga. Browne continued to drop the hammer, putting Gonzaga out cold against the cage.

The highlight reel victory improves Travis Browne to 14-1-1 (5-1-1 UFC) and gets him back on track after his injury and loss to “Bigfoot” Silva at UFC on FX 5.

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