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Firas Zahabi, TriStar Gym head coach and trainer of long-reigning UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, believes when the Canadian MMA superstar steps into the Octagon with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, it will be his final fight.

At least that’s what he told Sherdog Radio this week:

“If he fights Hendricks, I think [St. Pierre] could fight for longer. He could have more fights after that. If he fights Anderson Silva, I could really see that being his last fight. He’ll retire after that because there won’t be a bigger fight for him to do, I think, anymore in his career. … Win or lose, I think he’ll probably end on that note, on Anderson Silva. Maybe that’s why it’s been pushed back a little bit, but I think when it does happen, it’ll be the last one because once he goes up a weight class, he’s never coming back down.”

Johny Hendricks is next in line for a shot at St-Pierre’s welterweight title, but apparently that fight is not etched in stone. Zahabi is using words like “if he fights Hendricks”.

Zahabi also said it’s not a one-sided decision on whether St-Pierre fights Hendricks next or Anderson Silva. “The UFC is going to have to obviously tell us what they want to do,” Zahabi said. ” I think Georges would do either fight, to be honest with you.”

Currently St-Pierre is on vacation after his five-round beat-down of Nick Diaz at UFC 158 earlier this month. Once he returns Zahabi said he plans to sit down with St-Pierre and his management and talk about the next move.

What would you like to see St-Pierre do next? Are you ready for the GSP vs. Anderson Silva super fight or does Johnny Hendricks deserve his shot at the champ before he rides off into the sunset?

Here’s the thing though… Anderson Silva has a very real threat in front of him by the name of Chris Weidman in July. If Silva loses that fight, does a GSP super fight still make sense? Not so much.

And if GSP fights Hendricks first… he is also a very real threat.

There are still a few pieces to this puzzle that have to fall into place before a Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva super fight can take place. For now, we wait.

6 thoughts on “Zahabi: Win-or-lose Georges St-Pierre to retire after ‘super fight’ with Anderson Silva”
  1. GSP vs Silva needs to happen.. it’s been talked about for years now! The UFC is pushing it’s luck. One of them will lose at some point and this fight needs to happen while they’re both still champions. I say hold off on GSP vs Hendricks and let GSP vs Silva happen!

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