The Ultimate Fighter 17 episode 10 recap: Hart vs. Gastelum, Andrews vs. Barnatt

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Quarterfinals announced

Following Bubba McDaniel’s win over Kevin Casey on episode 9, TUF 17 viewers will recall the quarterfinal round match-ups were announced as:

  • Collin Hart vs. Kelvin Gastelum
  • Dylan Andrews vs. Luke Barnatt
  • Josh Samman vs. Jimmy Quinlan
  • Uriah Hall vs. Bubba McDaniel

Bubba McDaniel is confounded and unhappy with his match-up against Uriah Hall. Members of Team Sonnen seem a bit confused by the match0up as well as no one asked for that match-up when Dana White brought the fighters in to hear who they wanted to fight.

Kelvin Gastelum says Collin Hart has great wrestling and BJJ but he plans to use his wrestling defensively to stop the takedowns. Kelvin says he is excited for the match-up.  Coach Jon Jones thinks Collin’s BJJ advantage will be his “key to victory” over Kelvin. Collin thought his last fight against Kevin Casey was boring and he wants to change that in this fight.

Coach Chael Sonnen thinks Collin is a big problem for a couple guys on his team but not for Kelvin and feels this will be a good chance to eliminate Collin. Chael describes Kelvin as more of a “brawler” as opposed to just a wrestler.

Kelvin collects his prize: Ronda Rousey

Thanks to Coach Sonnen, Kelvin won a visit from Ronda Rousey by winning his last fight. So guess who has showed up to help him prepare for this fight — you guessed it, the UFC women’s bantamweight champ herself.

Kelvin is a self-described “big fan” of Rousey and said it was “definitely an honor” to get tossed around by a world champion. Ronda puts him through some judo and grappling drills as the team looks on. Ronda said she had never seen an Ultimate Fighter crew this good and they were fast learners. Chael tells her that Kelvin’s progress has been astounding to watch.

Ronda gives Team Sonnen a motivational talk described as a “Mom-ism” — which was advice she would get from her mom when coming up in judo. She said her mom would tell her, “No one has a right to beat you.” Ronda said she always felt like she was at a disadvantage and would mentally take every perceived advantage her opponent had over her and use it as a reason to beat them in spite of it.

Weigh-ins & first quarterfinal bout

Collin Hart: 185 lbs.

Kelvin Gastelum: 186 lbs.

Clint Hester could see the fight going either way depending on how the fight goes. He does feel it will go to a third round. Zak Cummings thinks Kelvin’s stand-up and power will make the difference and he will win. Coach Jones is banking on a submission from Kelvin to win.

Collin Hart (Team Jones) vs. Kelvin Gastelum (Team Sonnen)

hart vs gastelum

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Collin comes in with the pressure swinging. Briefly clinch and they trade big shots in the pocked with Kelvin getting the better of it. Terrible gameplan from Collin as he goes down. Kelvin finishes him off with big shots and referee Steve Mazzagatti stops it. They didn’t give a time but it was fast. Under a minute. Dana White described it as a “brutal vicious knockout”.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kelvin Gastelum def. Collin Hart by knockout (punches) Rd 1

Kelvin Gastelum vs. Collin Hart TUF 17
Kelvin Gastelum finishes Collin Hart in round one.

Second quarterfinal fight

Chael says this next fight is an interesting match-up because Luke Barnatt was Team Sonnen’s first pick and Dylan Andrews was Jones’ last pick, but they were wrong and mis-judged Dylan. He says Luke is a problem for anyone because of his size (6’6″) and doesn’t see a lot of ways he loses this fight.

Luke has really gravitated toward Jones’ original striking coach, Stone Horse and looks at him as a father figure and seems to really benefit from his positive reinforcement coaching style.

Mike Tyson pays a brief visit to say hi to the fighters before the match. He sits ringside with Dana.

Dylan Andrews (Team Sonnen) vs. Luke Barnatt (Team Jones)


Round 1 – Uppercut from Luke and Dylan puts him on his back. Luke gets full guard, then gets to his feet quickly. Dylan drags him back down straight away and takes side control. Luke recovers full guard. Dylan stands over him and tries to dive in but gets caught back in full guard. Luke lands a few elbows off his back. Dylan not able to do anything from top and Luke gets to his feet. Dylan locks on a guillotine and drops down for it, they scramble and Dylan jumps on his back, one hook in, looking for the choke with 2 minutes left. Luke gets to his knees then feet. Knee from Luke, lands a knee, high kick, stuffs one takedown, but Dylan grabs a single and puts him down. Luke on bottom with full guard and they trade punches. Under a minute to go, Luke ties him up. Elbow from bottom from Luke. Dylan with a couple very light body shots. Elbows from Luke but really shows a great defensive guard. I’m not sure if Dylan landed anything other than those few light body punches. He really did not do much more than get a couple takedowns and maintain some top control. I guess you’d give him the round but I have no enthusiasm in doing so.

Round 2 – Dylan is breathing very hard between rounds. Harder than Luke. Touch gloves. Few jabs from Luke, then a right. Left from Dylan, couple body shots and nice right. Another nice right as he takes a knee from Luke. Clinch against the cage. Dirty boxing from both, Luke backs out with punches and a big knee. Clinch, more dirty boxing. Luke turns him to the cage then gets a takedown and full mount. Dylan gets one butterfly and tries to sweep. Eventually he gets Luke on his back. Luke lands an elbow then gets an omoplata position. Right hand from Dylan as he stands up, tries to dive in but gets caught back in half guard. Luke holds on as Dylan taps his body with a couple shots. Luke kicks him off and gets up. Dylan shoots as Luke looks for a standing kimura. He puts Luke on his back and gets caught in guard. Butterfly guard from Luke and he lands some elbows off his back. Light body shots from Dylan. Ref warns him to work. Dylan stands and tries to dive to side control. Luke gets to his knees, then feet but Dylan gets his back and looks for the choke. Luke gets out. I’d give this round to Luke and that’s how the judges see it too I assume as it goes to a third.

Round 3 – Dana is happy with the judging and was worried Luke wouldn’t get the credit he deserved from the bottom. Chael points out how Dylan is slow to get off his stool. Clinch, Dylan presses him to the cage, Luke turns him around lands some knees. Right hand from Dylan. Luke fires back with a left and a right. Dylan fires back, body shot, right hand. Thai clinch and a big knee from Luke. Dylan lands a one two. Luke lands a right. Brief clinch. They separate. Jumping knee from Luke. Right hand from Dylan. Straight right and an elbow from Luke but Dylan tees off with several big punches that finally drop Luke who fails to keep his hands up. Dylan follows up with a couple big hammerfists and Luke goes limp. Chael said he was very proud of Luke.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dylan Andrews def. Luke Barnatt by TKO (punches)

Luke Barnatt vs. Dylan Andrews TUF 17
Dylan Andrews third round finish of Luke Barnatt.

Jones said they showed Dylan a picture of his family between rounds two and three and he thinks that really helped to motivate him going into the third. Dana is very impressed with Dylan. Chael calls it the best fight of the season. It’s Luke’s first ever loss. Mike Tyson tells him one day when he becomes champ he won’t even remember that loss.

Thanks to @ZProphet_MMA for the GIFs.