The following quotes are from tonight’s UFC ON FUEL TV POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FUEL TV for FUEL TV 8: SILVA VS. STANN. The show was hosted by Jay Glazer, with UFC light heavyweight contender Chael Sonnen and #3 ranked middleweight Michael Bisping offering analysis. Gareth A. Davies conducted fighter interviews on-site.

Quote of the show: Silva on a big win in Japan: “I’m so proud. Thanks Dana White. Thanks UFC for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I’m proud to fight for you. My corner told me to go for a straight punch, and I’m glad to win in Japan.”

UFC ON FUEL TV 8 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FUEL TV Analyst Chael Sonnen on Wanderlei Silva beating Brian Stann: “This could have been Wanderlei’s last fight, and it most likely in fairness, it would have been had he not had this incredible performance. Not only does he get a win, not only does he stop a guy in Japan, but he stops Brian Stann who’s a top 10 fighter. Granted, from a different weight they’ve both moved up, but that’s till a top 10 opponent.”

UFC ON FUEL TV 8 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FUEL TV Analyst Michael Bisping on Silva retirement rumors: “There no way Wanderlei can go after that performance. It proves he still has a lot left in the tank. Brian Stann is one hell of a fighter. Amazing performance, but what a knock-out.”

Sonnen on Silva retirement rumors: “I don’t where Wanderlei goes from here. He won’t be forced into retiring, but I’d love to see a guy go out on top. I think he loves to fight and we’re going to see ten more out of him – but maybe this isn’t time to go. This is a huge win.”

Silva on winning over Brian Stann: “Brian Stann is a tough guy and a great opponent. I’m so happy to fight guys like him, because this is the kind of fighting I love to do. Thank you Brian Stann for taking this fight and making it a great show for the fans.”

Brian Stann on the fight: “I knew what I had to risk when I signed on the dotted line next to that man. Wanderlei has always been one of my favorite fighters ever. He’s one of the fighters that inspired me to start this sport. I’m very proud to have been part of his career. As much as this hurts right now, I’m still proud that I put my name on the line and I fought him.”

Sonen on who he wants Silva to fight next: “I want to see Silva against Vinny Magalhaes.  I think it’s a great fight and I know Vinny wants it.”

Bisping on who he wants Silva to fight next: “I think he should take on Glover Teixeira.”

Sonnen on Mark Hunt winning over Stefan Struve: “This is the mismatch of the night. Whoever can get to the target is going to be the most successful striker and it was Hunt all night long. He just picked Struve apart.”

Hunt on his win: “It was a great fight. My timing was off and I could have put things together better, but I was glad to take the win.”

Hunt on if he should be in line for the title fight: “Of course I would like to go for the title fight.  I’ll take Bigfoot, or anyone in the top 10.”

Sonnen on Diego Sanchez defeating Takanori Gomi: “This is the best Japanese boxer I’ve ever seen in mixed martial arts. This is a very close fight. They gave it to Diego in a split decision. I strongly disagree with that call.”

Sanchez on returning from the injury list: “I feel fortunate to be off the injury list and back in the Octagon doing what I love. I don’t think this victory was given to me, I think I earned it.”

Sanchez on who he wants to fight next: “Nate Diaz. I want to be the first one to say I beat both the Diaz brothers. I got the big brother, I want the little one next.”

Sonnen on Yushin Okami’s win over Hector Lombard: “Okami comes out and tries to take on a bronze medalist in Judo.  It was a split decision, but that is wrong. It was a very clear two rounds to one.  He’s a master fighter.”

Bisping on Lombard’s performance: “Even though we have a history, I was impressed with Hector Lombard in the third round because he fought with a sense of urgency. I’ve got to say he impressed me with that.”

Okami on who he wants to fight next: “Michael Bisping.”

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