Dan Hardy talks training, Matt Brown and post MMA life

Dan Hardy

Dan Hardy joined the guys at Pro MMA Now Radio this past week and chatted on a wide variety of different topics. Hardy revealed he is already five weeks into training camp for his April 20th fight against Matt Brown at UFC on Fox 7. He talked about his trip to Peru after his win over Duane Ludwig and what he plans on doing after his days inside the cage.

When talking about this training camp Dan tells us he’s been hitting it hard already in Las Vegas,

“As soon as the holidays were over I’ve been training. My weight is down. I’m in no rush with everything. I have been taking my time and enjoying being in the gym. The next eight weeks I’ll be stepping it up. The sparring will get harder as will be doing some conditioning sessions. “

Dan told us that he enjoys breaking the films of his opponents and talked on how beneficial that was for him.

“I watch all the tapes and I watch them most days as well. I want to get to the stage where I will know exactly what the guy is gonna do as soon asI see them move. You can really start reading peoples instincts if you watch enough tapes. There are some great fights out there of Brown.”

Hardy talks about what a win would do for him over Matt Brown.

” It would be a big win. Matt Brown won four fights in the UFC last year. He is one of those guys that brings the fight. I don’t want to have to chase guys around. I get bored of that. I don’t ever want to get boo’ed at the end of fights. Matt Brown is one of those guys that are looking to win.”

Hardy talks about his issues with the sport and what he wants to do after he hangs it up.

There is a lot of negative energy around it. I am now starting to pick up with that alot more. My journey in the sport has not ended. I have a few more fights to have and a few more things I want to achieve in the sport. I’ve also got things I want to do with my life. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life feeling beat up and injured and not having the time to do the things I want to do outside of martial arts. I want to go back to school and study philosophy. I want to put something out there that helps people and is a contribution to my species. “

Dan talks about his trip to Peru after his fight with Duane Ludwig.

“I went there in a good mood and came back even better. Anyone that has any experience with a psychedelic compound really understands that it makes you focus on yourself you get to see yourself in a different perspective. I got to come back focused and ready to get a couple more wins. It was evident afterwards that this path will run its course and there will be something after that. “

Dan had lots to talk about from writing to conducting seminars and even gives his prediction on GSP vs. Diaz. Listen to the whole interview here and check out Pro MMA Now Radio every Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET on the ProMMAnow.com Radio Network.

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