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Let’s put this out there ~ I am looking for an MMA fight in April, or somewhere around there.  I am 115 lbs, pro record of 7-4, out of Billings Montana.  Please spread the word!! Contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

Yes, I know, I said, I would have my diet logged as well this week, however, that is not the case. With the fights this last weekend, traveling, getting ready, cornering… It’s getting done, and you will all love it!

This was the guys’ fight week, so this is a modified version of what I usually do, so glad we are back, because I have been hitting it hard already! I also realized that I left out some of my training by accident in last week’s, so I fully understand everyone’s comments.

I do apologize for that, this is a new part of my blog, and it’s still a work in progress. Practice makes perfect, you know. Lol. So here it all is for this week and thanks again for reading it and the feedback!!

Monday 2-11-13
8AM: Rode the bike for 15min, did some stretching, about 10mins, then started my strength training.
Ring dips – no weight 100reps

Kettlebell tricep press – 35’s 90reps
Incline dumbbell press – 40’s 60reps
8PM: Rode the bike for 25min, stretched about 10min. Time for Cardio/Conditioning then training.
Cardio: 1min stations 3rounds with a 5min warm-up.
Toes 2 Bar/Box jumps/situps/oblique’s/ bench v-ups/hollow rocks.
Time for training ~ Ground and Pound drills, then rolling with strikes.

Tuesday 2-12-13
8AM: Rode the bike for 20min, then hit the weights.
Pullups – 40lb vest 35 reps. Doing pullup, holding it, then controlling back to extended slowly.
Deadlifts – 145lb 60reps
8PM: Did drills for the boys to get them ready for their fights.

Wednesday 2-13-13
8AM: Rode bike for 30min, 10min stretching.
Kettlebell swings – 45lb 30 reps & 55lb 30reps
Handstand Pushups – 35
8PM: Rode the bike for 25min, did a 5min warm up before Cardio.
2rounds – 200 single jump ropes/200situps/15box jumps
Training – ground technique and rolling.

Thursday 2-14-13
8AM: Bike for 25min and stretch for 10.
GHD Situps – 40lb vest +55lb weight 60reps
Toe2Bar – 5lb ankle weights 60reps

Road Trip

We left in the afternoon on Thursday to head up to Great Falls for the fights on Saturday night. Jason and Ferg were both scheduled to fight; however, Fergs opponent didn’t make weight.

It was a long drive up, and back. First we were on the road for awhile, then about 12 miles out of Columbus, Mont. our serpentine belt started to break. We heard a ticking noise, then looked in the mirrors, there was smoke barreling out of the back of the suburban…

We pulled over, Jason checked it out and saw that the belt was coming off, and some of it smacked the power steering pump (hence the smoke). Busted out the GPS and figured the closest place was Columbus, so we slowly and gently made our way there, no hurry… Found a parts store, $40 later, we were back on the road in no time.

Road trip truck troubles -- all in a day's fun!
Road trip truck troubles — all in a day’s fun!

We got up toward White Sulfur Springs, its dark, and starting to snow, we cannot see the road and there is very little visibility. So, the first time we started to fishtail, we pulled over and threw it into 4-wheel drive. Well the U joints started slipping, so we took it out of 4×4 and took it nice and easy. Not too far outside of Great Falls it cleared up and the traveling was smooth from there.

At 1:30, the day of weigh ins, Bryan, the promoter called and told us that Ferg’s opponent is 150lbs and they want to know if he will do a catch weight, or change opponents. We advised him that weigh ins were hours away, and that he needs to continue cutting.

Well by the time weigh ins happened, the kid went MIA, so we stood our ground and Ferg didn’t fight. We were bummed, but not going to be taken advantage of; Ferg has come a very long way with us and we really wanted to watch him perform. That was going to be his last ammy fight, and it still might have been is a sense.

Had a great time with Dave and all the Electric City MMA guys. After weigh ins we went to a good little Italian restaurant called The Pizza Baron.  The guys ate spaghetti, and I had a Stromboli, it was delicious and we had awesome company!!

Fight Day!

Fight day was upon us, Marky was hoping to hit up the skate park in Great Falls, I hear its one of the nicest in the state.  So we took him over there in the morning, let him ride while we went back for rules and medicals at noon, then picked him up after that.

My son Mark flys high on his BMX bike!
My son Mark flys high on his BMX bike!

Later that night, it was fight time; Jason’s fight was the Main Event.

Unfortunately, he lost due to a TKO, but it is being reviewed already.  The fight was stopped at 4:52 of round 1, he was taking illegal shots to the back and side of his head, the ref didn’t warn or make the opponent aware of the blows, instead he ended the fight in his opponent’s favor.

He has zero damage to his face, and was weathering the storm to get to the next round.  They are pros and can handle more abuse; I saw ammy fights go beyond what they let his go that night. When the videos come out, we will be posting them, and asking other’s opinions of them as well.

Now for the trip home, we wake up on Sunday, which is also Jason’s B-day, and it’s snowing!! We go down to eat breakfast then get the truck packed to hit the road.  We take a different route home, and it was much better, only one really bad part of highway through one mountain this time!!

We are trucking along and I see a small SUV in a ravine.  We stopped and found a little old lady had slid off the road, down into the ravine.  Jason tried to get her car out and it was stuck, super steep, so we called highway patrol and the wrecker.  Also there was a farm on the side of the highway we stopped on, so Jason went over there to see if they could help.

They were so nice, took the lady to their house until the wrecker got her car out.  We couldn’t leave her down there, so once she was out of her car and safe, we headed back out.  About five miles up the road, we slid into a ditch…

Our good deed didn’t go unseen, because we had a couple trucks caravanning to Billings pull over and help us out.  We are forever grateful for their help.  We finally made it home about 6 p.m. or so.  Good trip and sorry for the late blog everyone, next week’s will be on time and have more diet info  in it.

I greatly appreciate all of your support!

I want to shout out to my gym Alternative Athletics Crossfit and 4th Ave. Dojo, this is truly the best place on Earth! I am very grateful to have my amazing husband/coach in my corner; thanks for always having my best interest at mind.  I also want t o thank my training partner and friend Ferg for putting in the hours at the gym with me!  Thanks guys!!

I want to say thanks to all of my fans, family, and friends for all of your continued love and support.  Thanks to Jack and Denny with, as well as my sponsors ~ Polanti Watches , Training Mask , , Damage Control Mouthguards and also , No Pain Just GloryA-Anderson Bail BondsBlack Sparrow Tattoo Club as well as Solo Graphics.
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