Cris Cyborg asks for release from UFC contract

Photo by Esther Lin for Strikeforce
Photo by Esther Lin for Strikeforce

Tito Ortiz, UFC Hall of Famer and manager of Cris Cyborg, was a guest Friday night on Inside MMA on AXStv and explained why it is now very unlikely fans are going to get to see the super fight we’ve all been waiting for between his client and Ronda Rousey.

Asked if fans are going to see Cyborg fight this year, Ortiz replied:

“Right now we’re actually waiting for UFC to release her. We asked for them to release her. Dana actually talked to me yesterday, they offered, they gave an offer, I went to Cyborg, she said she didn’t want to do it and we just asked for a release. Since they’re not having a 145 pound weight class, what else can they do? So, as of now she’s going to be released and maybe we’ll go looking somewhere else and you’ll be seeing Cyborg crush some other women’s faces.”

Will the UFC actually let the most dominant women’s MMA fighter in the world just walk away? Will they let a little thing like a weight division get in the way of making money? Is it all just posturing by Ortiz and Cyborg to try and force the UFC’s hand? What do you think?

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