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Hey everyone, it’s February and time to start counting down.  My teammate Ferg (ha, Ryan Ferguson) and a pro from our team is fighting in Great Fall, Montana on the 16th! If you are able to come, and want to support Team Vidonic, you can buy tickets here.  I will be there cornering for both fighters, don’t be shy, come on up and say hello, even grab a pic with me.  Can’t wait to meet some local fans out there.

Yes, I was supposed to do a semi-pro kickboxing match; however, my management pulled me from this fight after I signed to fight for Bellator, and a semi-pro kickboxing match, for $75 just doesn’t sound appealing to me.  I will grapple her for free (I have even offered a promoter here in Montana to give her my purse to fight her).  So either way, I WILL be up there that weekend, so let’s just see what you have to say when we are face to face… See ya soon!

I am continuing to train everyday, working hard toward all of my goals in life.

Lil P does handstand push-ups
Lil P does handstand push-ups

I did a free shirt contest last week on my Facebook and congrats to Timmy Prisk! That will be sent out this week! I want to thank everyone who took the time to share and comment on my photo.  Also to anyone else that private messaged me to purchase one for $25, I do appreciate that as well!  If it wasn’t for all of you, my fans, who would I be anyway?

And the winner is... Timmy Prisk!
And the winner is… Timmy Prisk!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, I love sharing with you all, and hope if you ever have any questions for me to please contact me on my website!

I greatly appreciate all of your support!

I want to shout out to my gym Alternative Athletics Crossfit and 4th Ave. Dojo, this is truly the best place on Earth! I am very grateful to have my amazing husband/coach in my corner; thanks for always having my best interest at mind.  I also want t o thank my training partner and friend Ferg for putting in the hours at the gym with me!  Thanks guys!!

I want to say thanks to all of my fans, family, and friends for all of your continued love and support.  Thanks to Jack and Denny with, as well as my sponsors ~ Polanti Watches , Training Mask , , Damage Control Mouthguards and also , No Pain Just GloryA-Anderson Bail BondsBlack Sparrow Tattoo Club as well as Solo Graphics.

Please be sure to check out my website at – my signature men’s and women’s shirts are ready to be ordered!  You can also follow me on Twitter at @LilPatriciamma and on Facebook.

XOXO Little Patricia
~ Red Power ~

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