ronda-rousey-impression_prommanow.comSpeaking at the USC Marshall Sports Business Institute’s Commissioners’ Series on Jan. 15, UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta talked about the organization’s addition of a women’s division and the opportunity it is going to provide female fighters, starting with their poster girl Ronda Rousey:

“She found herself living in a car, because she was broke, because after the Olympics there was no outlet for her. Now what we’re providing with our platform and the growth of MMA, Ronda Rousey is going to become a multi-millionaire.”

It seems interesting that Fertitta already “knows” or assumes Rousey is going to be a multi-millionaire. And that brings up a number of questions.

  • Does every UFC champion become a multi-millionaire? I would say no.
  • Did Rousey sign a multi-fight multi-million contract right away? That seems possible, and with sponsorships certainly feasible.
  • Is Fertitta just speaking in hyperbole? What if Rousey loses to Carmouche?
  • Will Carmouche become a multi-millionaire?

In case you’ve forgotten just how bright Rousey’s star is shining, according to USC Marshall News, Rousey already has more pre-booked media interviews for her upcoming Octagon debut than any other fighter in the UFC’s history.

Not bad for a  25-year-old judo chick with a record of 6-0 eh?

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