‘Cyborg’ Santos fires back at Ronda Rousey and critics

'Cyborg' Santos
‘Cyborg’ Santos

Former Strikeforce women’s featherweight champion Cyborg Santos has fired back at UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and critics that say she doesn’t want to fight Rousey:

I am not afraid of Rhonda! I will fight her anywhere and anytime for free – everyone knows I barely make 145- but I am willing to sacrifice and meet her half way at 140- I can’t believe dana says I want nothing to do with Rhonda- what he wants me to do is fight Rhonda with both my hands tied behind my back or comatosed-so that she can have a chance-which is what making me fight at 135 is- to finally shut everyone up – i will fight Rhonda with one hand tied behind my Back at 140lb and still kick her ass and prove that I’m the real champ not her- and let the winner take ALL come on rhonda step up bitch!

Remember when I said that Dana White was using psychological warfare to try to make this fight happen? He has implied time and time again that Cyborg Santos is afraid to fight Rousey, and did so in an interview on FUEL TV just two days ago.

This is the thing.

It would be different if Cyborg had fought as a bantamweight before, but she hasn’t and has maintained her stance that she can’t make 135 pounds. Rousey was competing as a featherweight and then changed weight divisions. Dana White has stated they created the UFC women’s bantamweight division because of Rousey. The fact of the matter is White and company want Rousey to have every built-in advantage possible if the Cyborg fight were to happen. Cyborg has been out of action for almost a year and a half now, plus they want her to drop to a weight that she has NEVER fought at? What good is it if Cyborg could make the weight but was so drained from the weight cut that it would not allow her to perform at optimal levels?

Anderson Silva used to fight at 167 pounds. However, Dana White was all about doing the Anderson Silva/Georges St. Pierre fight at a catchweight. Why wasn’t he so adamant about Silva cutting weight to make the welterweight limit of 170 pounds?

They should just do the fight at 140 pounds as I’ve already suggested months ago. It would not be a title fight, Rousey would have a built-in excuse if she lost because the fight was ‘out of her weight class’, and the UFC would make a boatload of money. The thing is that Dana White says he makes the fights that fans want to see. Well, this is the fight fans want to see. Make it happen if Rousey gets by Liz Carmouche at UFC 157 as she’s expected to do.