Three reasons why Vitor Belfort versus Hector Lombard is a great idea


So…… here’s what I was thinking the other night after the UFC fight…..

Vitor vs. Hector…. And here’s why.

Reason #1: Vitor Belfort is the current gatekeeper for a title shot.

Following Vitor Belfort’s amazing 2nd round finish of Michael Bisping in the last UFC on FX, it is evident that Vitor is the gatekeeper for the 185-pound division.

Why do I say gatekeeper?

Well, because I know, he knows, you know and Dana White knows that he CANNOT beat Anderson Silva.

His last fight with Bisping had title shot implications for Bisping but none for Vitor.

Reason #2: Hector Lombard deserves a fight to earn a title shot.

Look, Hector was brought over to the UFC as a former Bellator Champ to fight Anderson Silva. He kinda blew that shot with a poor performance in this first UFC fight, but we all know that many fighters have bad outings in the first UFC fight and Hector Lombard just recently made short work of  Rousimar Palhares.

Reason #3: The fans want to see the fireworks between these two individuals.

Both fighters are lefties which will provide some quality openings for each of them as a lefty vs. lefty battle is rare because there are fewer southpaws than orthodox fighters. Both of these men have great knockout power and jiujitsu.  And Vitor needs a quality test in Hector Lombard before fighting Phil Davis. That’s right, I said Phil Davis. Because he needs to fight Phil Davis and/or Gustafsson before getting another crack at Jon Jones.

And another bonus reason is because……

It’s just a really good idea.

Your thoughts???

Yes, I KNOW Hector is due to fight Yushin Okami in Japan but I’ve seen things change.  Heck, when it comes to the UFC, we all have.  I guess we can still wish.