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Hope all of your new year is going great! Mine is awesome! It’s definitely winter here in Montana with lots of snow and super cold.  Over a couple day’s span we got over ½ foot, below freezing temps and lots of wind.

We went sledding the other day and had a lot of fun.  We went to Pioneer Park and hit the hills. It was pretty cold so I wasn’t going to sled but then Jason gave Marky the camera and he talked me into going down once.

Well you can see the end results below in the pics.  Marky also got one of us coming down the hill, lol!  I had tons of fun and also met up with some little fans who I  gave  autographed pics to.

My son Mark’s birthday was on the 11th so yes I am officially the mom of a 14-year-old! Ha! So those of you with kiddos they grow up very fast. I am grateful to have such a good lil’ man for a son.

I am still training my butt off looking for an MMA fight. I am 7-4, Pro,115lbs in MMA, out of Billings, Montana.  I want to keep you all updated on myself. Sorry it’s been a little boring without any fights coming up, but I will try to keep you all interested with my stories, pictures and videos!  Keep your fingers crossed, maybe next week I will have BIG NEWS!

I greatly appreciate all of your support!

I want to shout out to my gym Alternative Athletics Crossfit and 4th Ave. Dojo, this is truly the best place on earth! I am very grateful to have my amazing husband/coach in my corner; thanks for always having my best interest at mind.  I also want t o thank my training partner and friend Ferg for putting in the hours at the gym with me!  Thanks guys!!

I want to say thanks to all of my fans, family, and friends for all of your continued love and support.  Thanks toJack and Denny with, as well as my sponsors ~ Polanti Watches , Training Mask , , Damage Control Mouthguards and also , No Pain Just Glory, A-Anderson Bail Bonds, Black Sparrow Tattoo Club as well as Solo Graphics.

Please be sure to check out my website at – my signature men’s and women’s shirts are ready to be ordered!  You can also follow me on Twitter at @LilPatriciamma and on Facebook.

XOXO Little Patricia
~ Red Power ~

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