UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos and former champ Cain Velasquez will clash in a rematch in the UFC 155 main event tonight in Las Vegas.

Velasquez was undefeated prior to their first meeting in November 2011, but what has been called “a fluke” punch that landed behind his ear, led to a first round knockout loss just 1:04 into the bout.

Many feel Cain’s well-rounded game and wrestling will win him the bout. Dos Santos has won nine straight inside the UFC Octagon, six via KO, and plans to prove the first win was no fluke; next stop Overeem.

This is a stacked card to close out 2012. The preliminary card action starts with a free LIVE UFC 155 video stream on Facebook at 6:35 p.m. ET (3:35 p.m. PT), moves to FX at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT) and then the main card on Pay-Per-View at 10 p.m. PT (7 p.m. PT).

As we do with every UFC card, ProMMAnow.com (www.prommanow.com) will provide LIVE results and play-by-play commentary on each bout, so if you can’t watch the pay-per-view or don’t have cable, we got you covered. And even if you are watching the event, share your thoughts on the fights with us, we would love to hear it!

While you’re waiting for the fights to start, check out our UFC 155 staff picks and watch the UFC 155 weigh-ins. Also, stick around after the fights tonight for the UFC 155 post-fight press conference live video feed.

UFC 155 quick results:

Main Card (Live on PPV – 10 p.m. ET)

  • Cain Velasquez def. Junior dos Santos by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-43, 50-44)
  • Jim Miller def. Joe Lauzon by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Constantinos Philippou def. Tim Boetsch by TKO (strikes) Rd 3 (2:11)
  • Yushin Okami def. Alan Belcher by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
  • Derek Brunson def. Chris Leben by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Preliminary Card (FX – 8 p.m. ET)

  • Eddie Wineland def. Brad Pickett by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)
  • Erik Perez def. Byron Bloodworth by TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (3:50)
  • Jamie Varner def. Melvin Guillard by split decision (30-27, 27-30, 30-27)
  • Myles Jury def. Michael Johnson by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Preliminary Card (Facebook – 6:35 p.m. ET)

  • Todd Duffee def. Philip De Fries by TKO (punches) Rd 1 (2:04)
  • Mac Holloway def. Leonard Garcia by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)
  • John Moraga def. Chris Cariaso by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 1 (1:11)

UFC 155 play-by-play:

Chris Cariaso vs. John Moraga

Round 1 – Long feeling out period. Leg kick from Moraga. Caraso slips, gets up. Leg kick from Cariaso. Leg kick and a right from Cariaso. Moraga playing the counter game. Left hook counter. Pushes Cariaso to the cage. Moraga backs out to the center. Leg kick, body kick from Cariaso. Body kick from Cariaso. Left hook from Moraga. Body jab from Moraga. Leg kick from Cariaso, body kick. Leg kick and a right combo from Cariaso.

Round 2 – Right from Moraga, countered by Cariaso. High kick, left hand from Moraga. High kick from Cariaso blocked. Clinched up, Moraga pushes him to the cage. Knee to the head from Moraga. Knee to the body from Cariaso. Moraga breaks out with a knee and a right. High kick from Cariaso blocked. Leg kick inside from Cariaso after a high kick. Left hook from Moraga. High kick blocked. Body kick from Cariaso. Head kick from Cariaso mostly blocked. Body kick from Cariaso. Moraga throws him to the ground, Cariaso grabs wrist control, Moraga still on his feet pulls out and Cariaso stands up. High kick from Cariaso blocked. Clinched up, Cariaso puts him down, on top inside guard. Elbow from Cariaso.

Round 3 – High kick from Cariaso, Moraga misses same, lands a couple punches, clinched. High kick from Cariaso, body punch from Moraga. Cariaso pushes him to the cage. Moraga goes for a standing front choke, pulls him down guillotine style and Cariaso taps out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: John Moraga def. Chris Cariaso by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 1 (1:11)

Leonard Garcia vs. Max Holloway

Round 1 – Garcia strikes first with a punch combo and high kick. Holloway with a high kick and inside leg kick. Big leg kick from Garcia. Front kick from Holloway. Right from Garcia. Right from Holloway. Holloway drops Garcia with a punch but Garcia is able to get right up. Leg kick from Garcia. Leg kick from Holloway. Leg kick from Garcia. ONe two from Garcia, then a left. Leg kick and a left from Holloway. Right from Garcia. Side kick from Holloway knocks Garcia back. Leg kick inside from Garcia. Left counter from Holloway. Nice body shot from Holloway. Double left hook from Garcia, lands a left that backs Holloway up. Spinning side kick to the gut knocks Garcia back.

Round 2 – Spinning back kick. Leg kick from Holloway. Body kick. Left straight from Holloway, leg kick. Knee, caught by Garcia, picks Holloway up for a slam. Garcia inside guard, stands up, presses Holloway to the cage, backs out to the center. They trade shots, Holloway lands a nice right. Nice left from Holloway. Right from Holloway. Clinched, knees and they go to trading. Garcia winging punches and looking tired.

Round 3 – Jab from Holloway, leg kick. Right counter from Holloway. Nice knee to the gut from Holloway. Leg kick from Garcia. Side kick from Holloway to the gut. One two from Holloway. One two from Garcia. They start trading shots, both landing some good punches. Garcia ducks down for a shot, pushes him to the cage, gets Holloway to his back. Holloway looks for a kimura, lets it go as Garcia tries to advance. Back to the feet and they go to trading shots again typical Garcia style. Leg kicks from both. Nice right from Holloway. Nice three punch combo to the body from Holloway. Clinched, Holloway backs out, they go into boxing mode again. Garcia catches a kick and puts him down. Holloway striking off his back from full guard. Garcia picks him up for a slam before the bell.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Max Holloway def. Leonard Garcia (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Todd Duffee vs. Philip De Fries

Round 1 – One two from Duffee, leg kick and De Fries goes to a knee. Duffee pushes him to the cage. De Fries gets duffee down, lands some big shots as Duffee tries to get up. De Fries pushes him to the cage. Dirty boxing against the cage. Duffee turns him around and backs out. An uppercut followed by a right hook and several more big right hands, one more uppercut and De Fries goes down and ref Yves Lavigne stops it. Great return to the UFC for Todd Duffee.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Todd Duffee def. Philip De Fries by TKO (punches) Rd 1 (2:04)

Myles Jury vs. Michael Johnson

Round 1 – These guys are friendly with each other but it’s time to fight. Kick from Jury to start. Johnson lands a kick. Jury looks to catch the kick and counter but just misses. Johnson with another kick. Johnson is feinting with his jab. Hesitant start from Jury to start so far. Jury looking to counter with his right but he’s a step behind so far. Johnson loads up on his right hand and Jury ducks under getting an easy takedown. Jury is very well rounded. He can win from just about everywhere. Jury moves to full mount. Johnson hip escapes but Jury is still on top. Johnson works to half guard but Jury postures up and starts landing a barrage of left hands. Johnson has no answer to the onslaught so far. Jury is staying patient in his attack. Johnson still working his half guard game but Jury is content to stay there and land right hands now. Jury postures and lands a big elbow. Johnson scrambles but ends up losing his half guard. Jury moves to side control and is going to work with elbows. Advance to full mount now. Big shots from Jury now. He’s looking for the rear naked choke but the bell sounds. Easy round to score for Jury

Round 2 – Jury looks nice and relaxed to start the second. Kick upstairs just misses for Jury. Johnson is pressing but isn’t throwing his hands early. Lots of feints by both guys now. Jury goes high again with his kick. Blocked. Jury gets through with the head kick this time. Jab Jury. Johnson is really hesitant. Kick Jury, counter right by Johnson. Jury drops for a takedown by Johnson sees it this time and counters over the top. Leg kick by Jury. Single leg attempt off the kick by Jury. He’s back on top. Jury dominated here in the first. Closed guard by Johnson this time around. He’s controlling the posture of Jury pretty well so far. Jury stands up in the guard then dives in with a right elbow that connects. Short left elbows now. Jury. Johnson is holding on from his back but doing very little with his guard. Under a minute to go now in the second. Grinding elbows from the top. Jury is dominating this fight on the ground. Another easy round for Jury. He’s up 20-18.

Round 3 – Johnson coming out with a sense of urgency to start the final round. Leaping left hook from Johnson. He’s still coming forward, lands a right hand but Jury locks him up and puts him on the cage. From there, Jury goes to the trip and gets an easy takedown. Jury is looking to pass, but is running out of real estate with the cage just inches away. He adjusts his body then moves to side control easily. Johnson retains his half guard but that is where Jury is doing damage with elbows. Short elbow from Jury. Huge elbow from the top. Jury is in complete control. It’s going to take a miracle for Johnson to get a victory in this one. Jury with short left hands now. Ref calls for work. Jury is staying pretty busy, not sure what the issue is. More elbows from Jury. 1:30 to go. Big right hands now. Jury still looks fresh and relaxed. Big right hands from Jury. Johnson gets back to his feet as the bell sounds. Another easy round for Jury. PMN scores it overall for Jury, 30-27.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Myles Jury def. Michael Johnson by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Melvin Guillard vs. Jamie Varner

Round 1 – Touch of gloves. This could be explosive. Leg kick Guillard off the right hand of Varner. Both guys being careful early. Guillard with more kicks. Varner fires back with a kick of his own. Counter right from Guillard. Jab Guillard. Inside leg kick by Varner. Leg kick/jab from Guillard. Huge overhand right from Varner clips Guillard but he circles out. Varner fakes low then goes high with the kick but it’s blocked. Varner rushes Guillard but Guillard circles out of trouble. Leg kick Guillard. Varner counters over the top but misses. Another kick by Guillard. Varner feints then steps in with a right. Neither guy is really finding their range with their hands. So far Guillard’s kicks that have been the most effective strikes. Counter left hand connects for Varner. Nice exchange. Boos erupt from the crowd. Varner shoots but gets shrugged off. No takedown from Varner yet. Guillard kick. Varner has been pressing forward but hasn’t landed much. Varner lands to the body then explodes with a barrage of shots that land. Late guillotine attempt from Varner. He might have stole the round late. PMN scores the first for Varner 10-9.

Round 2 – Touch of gloves to start. Jab from Guillard. Back to the leg kick. Varner ducks in and puts Guillard on the mat against the cage. Guillard trying to wall walk. Right hand from Varner. Varner dives in but gets flipped over the top. Back to the feet now. Jab from Guillard after the restart. Varner fakes the left hand then lands over the top with the right. Guillard lands a big head kick. Varner absorbs it and keeps coming forward. Jab Guillard. He’s fighting very smart tonight. Big four-punch combo from Varner. Big lead uppercut from Guillard. These guys throw with some serious power. Varner changes levels and gets another takedown. Short left hands from Varner. Guillard explodes to his feet using the cage to stand. He’s up and out. Back to the center of the octagon. Nice exchange. Guillard gets the better of it with a left hook. Big overhand right from Varner lands flush. Jab Guillard. Kick to the body from Guillard. Varner fires back and lands to the pills. Uppercut from Guillard after the restart. Varner coming forward again. Kick from Guillard. Close round. The takedowns may have been the difference in this one. PMN scores round 2 for Varner.

Round 3 – Guillard pressing now. Another kick from Guillard. Varner pushing forward with an overhand right, then ducks in and gets a very easy takedown on the cage. He postures and lands a short flurry. He’s looking for the guillotine again. He goes to his back for the choke but loses his grip. Guillard is now on top. Big elbow from Guillard. Varner creates some space and gets to the cage. He then uses the cage and gets back to his feet. Guillard lands a big knee up the middle on the break. After the reset, Varner shoots from way outside but still gets the takedown. Varner holding on but Guillard gets back to his feet. Winging overhand right misses for Guillard. He goes back to his jab and lands. Another right hand from Guillard. Varner ducks under it and puts Guillard on his back. That was way too easy. Guillard swings his hips and goes for an armbar. Varner pulls his arm free then gets reversed. Guillard locks up the neck of Varner. Nice switch from Varner as he reverses and is back on top. Right hands from the top now. Guillard pushes off and gets to his feet. Under 30 seconds to go. Both guys look tired. Neither guy throwing. Big knee lands from Varner as he shoots in. Varner elevates Guillard and dumps him on his head. Bell. Nice finish to the fight. PMN gives the final round and the fight overall to Varner.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jamie Varner def. Melvin Guillard by unanimous decision (30-27, 27-30, 30-27)

Byron Bloodworth vs. Erik Perez

Round 1 – Kim Winslow!! Bloodworth with a right hand. Perez counters down the middle with a right of his own. Bloodworth lands with a right hand. Perez closes and puts him on the cage. They exchange knees as they fight for position on the cage. Bloodworth explodes and reverses, putting Perez on the cage. Perez turns and they change positions again. Short body shots from Perez inside. Perez landing some nice knees inside. Perez lands a brutal knee inside that drops Bloodworth. Perez on top now. He’s landing big right hands from the top. Perez grinding on the face of Bloodworth. Perez is a nasty guy from the top. Big right hand again. To the body by Perez. Now elbows. Perez is as good as advertised so far. Back to the body now. Perez is relentless from the top. More elbows. Ground and pound masterpiece from Perez so far. Huge right hands from Perez as Winslow looks on. She asks Bllodworth to fight back. He doesn’t respond as Perez continues to land. She steps in and it’s over. Very impressive.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Erik Perez def. Byron Bloodworth by TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (3:50)

Brad Pickett vs. Eddie Wineland

Round 1 – Touch of gloves. Leg kick from Pickett. Overhand right from Pickett. Counter right lands for Wineland. Pickett comes forward and eats a right hand from Wineland. Wineland to the body with another right hand. He’s throwing the straighter punches while Pickett is throwing more looping shots. Nice tight punch that time inside from Pickett. Leg kick from Pickett lands. Nice 1-2 from Wineland. Pickett lands with a right hand. Huge right hand form Wineland staggers Pickett. Pickett eats another and almost goes down but doesn’t. Nice chin by Pickett. Wineland throws bombs in there. A lot of people forget how good of a wrestler he is since he likes to stand and bang. Wineland is working his jab now, then uncorks a right hand that drops Pickett to one knee. He’s back to his feet. He has taken some huge shots in this round. Right hook from Pikcett. He shoots for a takedown. Wineland has a huge advantage in the wrestling department. Uppercut from Wineland. Pickett fires back. Both guys countering well. Nice head movement from Pickett. Wineland is throwing combos all over the place. Big 1-2 from Wineland. Pickett with a right hook. Wineland again counters. First round goes to the former WEC champ Eddie Wineland.

Round 2 – Feints from Wineland. Pickett coming forward. Nice head movement, but Wineland is right on target with his punches. Pickett with a right hand. Wineland steps out of range as Pickett throws another winging right hand. Wineland still throwing straight down the middle. Wineland is landing then getting out of range. Pickett seems to be just a step behind in countering. Leg kick from Pickett. Pickett leans in and eats a combination. Wineland throwing laser straight shots. Leg kick Pickett. Counter right by Wineland. Wineland is establishing the range with his jab. Nice crisp jab snaps the head back of Pickett. Nice exchange by both guys inside. Pickett doubles up on his jab and finds his target. Right hand Wineland, then he’s on his wheels and is out of range. Leaping left uppercut misses from Pickett. Big lead left hook by Wineland. Leg kick Pickett. Under 30 now. Pickett is using feints to get inside but Wineland’s footwork is the story. Big right hook from Pickett. Wineland counters with a left hand before the bell. PMN scores the second for Wineland as well, 10-9.

Round 3 – Touch of gloves. Pickett coming forward but again Wineland lands his jab. Leg kick Pickett, counter right by Wineland. Wineland leans in and lands to the body. Lead uppercut from Wineland. Wineland is flashing his jab and Pickett is hesitating. Back to the body by Wineland. Pickett finally gets his jab on target. Leg kick Pickett. Lead left hook from Pickett, counter right from Wineland. He has been very effective with his counter striking in this fight. Pickett finally lands a heavy shot. Jab Pickett. One-two from Pickett but Wineland circles out of range. Double jab from Wineland. Leg kick Pickett. Wineland again finds his range. The jab is on point, and when he follows it with the right cross, he’s catching Pickett. Big exchange inside. Leg kick by Pickett. Wineland dips in for a half-hearted takedown attempt then bails on it. Pickett is pressing but again it’s Wineland landing two punches to every one by Pickett. Under a minute now. One, two, three jabs… right hand Wineland. Pickett with a short flurry. Wineland using his jab again to measure distance. Counter right from Wineland as Pickett throws another winging right hand. PMN scores the final round and the fight for Eddie Wineland, 30-27.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eddie Wineland def. Brad Pickett by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)

Chris Leben vs. Derek Brunson

Round 1 – Touch of gloves. UFC debut for Brunson. One-two from Brunson. He has a huge reach advantage. Leben looks to get the fight to the mat. Not even close. Brunson on the other hand shoots in and puts Leben on the mat early. Leben’s guard is pretty active. Let’s see what he does against the top game of Brunson. Leben looking for an arm. Brunson elevates him and puts him back on the mat. His arm is free as he goes back to work. Brunson gets to the half guard of Leben for a second. “The Crippler” works back to his full guard. Short elbow from Brunson. Leben working a high guard looks for a triangle. Brunson recognizes it and postures up and out. Brunson moves to mount now. Leben trying to roll out of trouble. Brunson has shown really good control from the top. More elbows from the top. Brunson is doing just enough to keep it on the floor. No threat of a stand up yet from the ref. Leben retains guard again. Brunson postures and lands some measured ground and pound. Leben looks at the clock with his back on the cage. Brunson lands a left hand just as Leben stands on the cage. Leben turns in looking to separate but time runs out. First round goes to the UFC newcomer.

Round 2 – Leben coming forward to start. Brunson with a push kick. Leben still advancing looking to find his range. Brunson dips in and shoots. Leben fights it off as they hit the cage. Brunson pushes off then re-shoots. Leben avoids the takedown. Leben lands a right hand but then gets taken down again. Leben is landing short hammerfists from his back. Brunson throwing short punches as well but he looks really tired. Leben stands on the cage. Brunson backs off. Leben coming forward. Lazy leg kick from Leben. Uppercut Leben. Brunson lands a big left hand. Leben looks tired too. Leg kick Leben. Jab Brunson. Brunson ducks in and clinches but he has lost a lot of explosiveness in his shots. Jab from Leben. Kick Brunson. Kick, right hand by Brunson. Leben lands inside with an uppercut. Leg kick Leben. Brunson again looking to take the fight to the mat. Leben remains upright, leaning on the cage. Leg kick Brunson. Leben winging punches late. Round 2 goes to Brunson on the PMN card.

Round 3 – Leg kick Brunson. Leben still coming forward but not landing much. Nice one-two from Brunson. He shoots. Not even close. Leben is doing little to nothing in this fight though. Brunson shoots, then gets the trip takedown. He’s on his way to a pretty big upset in this one. Leben lands to the body. Big knee to the body from Brunson as Leben stands. Double jab from Leben. He’s missing with just about everything. It’s a pretty strange performance from Leben so far. Nice left hand. Again from Brunson. He shoots, stuffed. Brunson lands another jab. Leben clips Brunson with a left hand but it’s one and done. Leg kick from Leben. Brunson steps back and lands another jab. Leben is landing his kicks but that’s about it. One-two from Brunson again. Brunson shoots. Stuffed again. This looks like a sparring match out there. Leben lands a stinging left hand. Brunson steps back then back in range and lands another jab. Leben lands another big left hand but then gets put on his back. That should seal the deal for Brunson. Leben landing from the bottom but he needs a submission from his back to win. Brunson backs off and lets Leben up after an upkick. Leben stalking throwing winging shots but isn’t landing much. PMN scores the fight for Derek Brunson, 30-27.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Derek Brunson def. Chris Leben by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Yushin Okami vs. Alan Belcher

Round 1 – Belcher working his jab early. Using it for range to start. Inside leg kick Belcher. Belcher upstairs with the kick. Okami with the one-two combo. Belcher with a right hand. Belcher goes for a kick, gets caught with a short punch and goes down. More of a slip than anything. Okami closes and puts Belcher on the cage. Inside knees from Okami. Belcher looks at the ref for a restart. Okami with more knees inside. Okami looks for the takedown but ends up on his back. Belcher looking for a guillotine but he loses it. Belcher is controlling the posture of Okami so far. Okami to the body. Okami looks to pass and does. Okami working the head control, using a lot of pressure from the top. Okami is winning the position battle as the round comes to a close. PMN scores Round 1 for Okami.

Round 2 – Belcher flashing his jab early. Okami throws a combo just to close and clinch. He puts Belcher back on the cage again. Okami going for the trip and ends up on top again. Belcher locks up the neck and goes to his back. Might have been a mistake because he’s on his back again. Looks a lot like round 1. Okami with short left hands. Okami is smothering Belcher with his stifling top game. Belcher is looking to sweep but Okami’s top control is winning out so far. Okami moves to side control. The referee stands them up!!!! From side control. Wow. After the restart Belcher lands a big right hand, but Okami is still right there pressing forward. Back to the clinch. Belcher is fighting off the takedown, but gets taken down. Okami is back on top. He isn’t doing much, but it’s enough to win yet another round. Belcher ties him up trying to stall the action. The referee intervenes and does just that. Belcher coming forward but Okami lands a push kick. The bell sounds. Okami takes the second.

Round 3 – Belcher comes out with a sense of urgency. He lands a clipping right hand that drops Okami. Okami gets back to his feet. Belcher is landing power shots now, but he needs a finish. Okami closes and puts Belcher right back on the cage. Okami goes for the the throw but ends up on his back. Belcher moves to full mount. Okami rolls. Belcher takes his back and is looking to make something happen. Okami working wrist control. He stands with Belcher half on his back, half off. Belcher gets shaken off and Okami puts him right back on the cage. He goes for another guillotine then gets taken back down. That could do it for Belcher. Okami with short right hands. He’s doing very little when on top but it’s enough to control the fight. Okami transitions to full mount. Okami with a short right hand. Belcher tries to hip escape but cannot shake Okami. Okami is doing next to nothing from such a dominant position. Short right hands from Okami. Under a minute to go. Okami postures and lands with left hands. Belcher rolls and gives up his back. Okami gets both hooks with under 30 to go. Right hands from Okami. That’s it. Despite the boos, Okami gets the victory on the PMN card.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Yushin Okami def. Alan Belcher by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Tim Boetsch vs. Constantinos Philippou

Round 1 – Boetsch coming forward right out of the gate. Front kick from Boetsch. He ducks in and shoots. Boetsch puts Philippou on the cage. Knees inside by Boetsch. Philippou returns fire with a knee. Boetsch with more knees, then he gets the fight to the mat. Philippou gets right back to his feet. Short left hand by Boetsch, then he drops for another takedown attempt. Philippou fights it off, throws a knee then gets off the cage. Boetsch with the push kick. He’s keeping Philippou on the outside. Inside leg kick from Boetsch. Philippou gets inside for a right hand, but Boetsch fires back with a flurry as Philippou steps back and out of range. Front kick from Boetsch again. Boetsch steps in and eats an uppercut from Philippou. Philippou coming forward now. He throws a winging right hand and gets taken down for his efforts. Philippou is controlling the posture of Boetsch so far. Nice elbow inside from the top. Referee Kim Winslow calls for action. She doesn’t see enough to her liking and stands them up. Philippou with a crisp combination. Boetsch walks through it and then clips Philippou with a front kick. End of one. PMN scores the first for Boetsch, 10-9.

Round 2 – Boetsch opens up with a combination to start. Boetsch closes and clinches. His corner mentioned for him to ignore some issue in between rounds. He may be injured. Maybe a hand. He steps back and they take the center of the cage. Boetsch with a jab, then a right elbow. He didn’t throw the right hand. That may be the injured body part. Boetsch shoots for a takedown. He gets warned for grabbing the shorts of Philippou. Philippou lands a big right hand that lands. Philippou clips Boetsch with a left hand. As he Boetsch steps in and takes a bad eye poke. After some time to recover, Boetsch is ready to go. Boetsch shoots from way outside but is stuffed. Philippou is gaining confidence now. Boetsch pulls guard after missing another shot. Philippou on top now. Body, body, head from Philippou. Right hands landing from the top now. Now here come the elbows. Boetsch may be having trouble seeing after the eye poke. He’s a tough guy for sure. A possible injury, accidental headbutt, and now an eye poke. Philippou lands some short shots as the bell sounds. Philippou takes the second round.

Round 3 – Both guys look hesitant to start the final round. Boetsch tries to shoot but his vision issue is really affecting his wrestling. He pulls guard again. He’s bleeding badly. Philippou steps back and lets Boetsch back up. Boetsch shoots again from way outside. No dice. Boetsch pulls him into his guard but again Philippou stands up and lets him back to his feet. Boetsch looking for the takedown again but gets stopped. Philippou goes for the finish this time landing big punches from the top. Referee Kim Winslow tells Boetsch to fight back then steps in and stops it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Constantinos Philippou def. Tim Boetsch by TKO (strikes) Rd 3 (2:11)

Jim Miller vs. Joe Lauzon

Round 1 – Miller with a jab to start. Lauzon steps in range. Miller fires off a three punch combo. Lauzon with an uppercut that misses. Miller with the inside leg kick, then another nice combination. Miller looks really good early. Miller pours it on with a kick, then a flurry of punches. Lauzon is getting beat to the punch. Miller lands to the body and Lauzon looks hurt. More big shots from Miller backs Lauzon into the cage. Lauzon is a tough cat but he’s getting decimated so far. Inside leg kick lands flush for Miller. Lauzon finally lands a flush shot with a right hand. Miller blitzes Lauzon with a huge flurry that opens up a gash on the head of Lauzon. He is bleeding like a horror movie victim. The doc takes a look. He’s good to go and here we go!! Miller comes forward again and punishes Lauson. Huge output from Miller in the first. Can he keep this pace. Another five punch combo from Miller. Lauzon is covered in blood. Looks like a slasher flick in there. Lauzon is game, that’s for sure. Miller is measuring his shots now. Huge round for Jim Miller.

Round 2 – Miller is picking up where he left off to start the second. Miller ducks in and gets an early takedown. Elbows from the top now. Miller is relentless. Lauzon’s cut is open again and he is gushing blood. His face is a crimson mask. Miller is working to pass the guard of Lauzon now. Lauzon has a very good guard but how much is the blood affecting him mentally? The mat looks like a murder scene. Miller is looking for a choke from the top. He is really high and Lauzon reverses. He’s on top now. Lauzon is working from the top. The referee steps in to stop the fight to cut some tape from Lauzon’s glove. He restarts them. Miller is working his rubber guard from his back. Under a minute to go. Now Miller is just as bloody from Lauzon dripping blood on him from the top. Lauzon steps back and then goes for the leg. He can’t secure the leg lock as Miller pulls free. Round 2 goes to Miller as well.

Round 3 – Lauzon needs a finish. Miller lands an inside leg kick that drops Lauzon. Lauzon with a nice one-two combo down the middle. Miller fires back but he looks tired out there. Miller again drops Lauzon with a leg kick. Lauzon is on his back. Miller steps back and lets him back to his feet. Miller lands another big combination. Knee by Miller. Lauzon still coming forward. This guy’s heart is huge. Jab Lauzon. Miller is throwing elbows with his left arm. May have a hurt hand. Miller looks gassed but he’s still throwing. At the same time, Lauzon is still advancing. Lauzon lands a big knee up the middle that stops Miller in his tracks. That may have hurt him. Two minutes to go now. What a crazy fight. Both guys throwing everything they have. Lauzon jab. Miller returns fire. They lock up on the cage. Miller lands with the elbow. Lauzon to the body. These guys are monsters. Lauzon still pressing forward. The crowd reacts with huge cheers. Nice exchange. Miller lands with a right hook. Lauzon dives for a leg. He has the ankle of Miller. Miller pulls free. Lauzon locks up a guillotine but the bell sounds. What a fight!! PMN scores the fight for Jim Miller, 30-26.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jim Miller def. Joe Lauzon by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

UFC Heavyweight Championship

Junior dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez

Round 1 – Here weeeee gooooo!! The big boys are ready. Velasquez comes out rushing JDS. JDS lands a right hand then gets taken down. He bounces right back to his feet. If Cain can’t keep him on the mat it’s going to be tough to win this fight. Big right hand from JDS. Nice stiff jab from Cain. JDS comes back with a crisp combination. Cain shoots, gets an ankle but JDS is out of range. Big lead uppercut from JDS as Cain leans in. These guys are going at it. Cain shoots again but JDS is out again. One-two combination from JDS. Nice counter right from Cain. JDS circling out. Cain with a stiff jab. Kick to the body from Cain. He shoots again but JDS’s footwork is keeping him on his feet. Jab JDS. Nice clipping left from Cain. Kick to the body from Cain. He’s really pushing the pace. Jab JDS. Clinch now. JDS pushes off and takes the center of the cage. JDS eats a big right hand. Cain lands a huge right hand that drops JDS!! Cain leaning on him landing big right hands. Wow!!! More big shots from Cain as Herb Dean looks on. Under a minute to go. Cain gets the takedown now. He’s on the back of JDS. Under 30 seconds to go. JDS looks completely gassed. Cain takes the back of JDS. Big right hands. The bell sounds. Big round for Cain Velasquez.

Round 2 – How will JDS respond? Big uppercut from JDS. Cain is stalking, lands a barrage of big shots then gets the slam. JDS is wilting under the pressure. Cain is on top dominating the action. JDS rolls but cannot shake Cain. Back to the feet. Cain locks his hands and takes JDS right back to the mat. JDS is flattened out. He gets to his knees then to his feet. JDS puts Cain on the cage. They separate. JDS looks totally spend. Cain with an easy takedown. JDS is turtled up now. Cain is taking his time. Cain landing big right hands now. JDS back up, right back down. Under three minutes to go in the round. JDS is back up. Back to the clinch. Cain lands a nasty left hook. Cain, with another trip takedown. JDS is on his back now. How will he survive another two minutes? Cain goes for an arm. JDS slips free, and gets back to his feet. Under a minute to go. Cain leaning on an already exhausted JDS. Cain backs up and lands a one-two donw the middle. JDS’s hands are down and he’s eating everything. Dominating round for Cain Velasquez.

Round 3 – JDS with an uppercut as Cain advances. Again. To the body by JDS. Cain shoots and takes him right back down. Right hands from the top. JDS stands but cannot shake Cain. The pace has made all the difference in this one. That and that staggering right hand in Round 1… JDS fights off another takedown attempt. They break. Cain closes immediately. JDS with a short left hand. To the body by JDS. Cain coming forward again. Right hand. Big left hook. JDS is on the cage. Cain is pressing forward. JDS seems to be in a much better place then in the last round however. JDS lets Cain put him right back on the cage. Cain to the body. JDS steps back, then rips a shot to the body. Cain again closes. He lands up the middle in close with an uppercut. JDS has his hands completely down and eats a flurry by Cain. Under a minute to go. This fight is grueling. JDS to the body. Big left hand from JDS stops Cain for a split second. Big uppercut from JDS as Cain steps in. Another round in the books for Velasquez.

Round 4 – JDS with a little bounce in his step to start the fourth. Jab by both. Leg kick by Cain. Cain closes and puts JDS on the cage again. JDS to the body. Again. Winging shots by both guys miss. Cain ducks in for a big double leg against the cage. Short elbow from JDS. Back to the body by JDS. He adds a right hand as Cain ducks in. JDS drops for a takedown of his own on the cage. He’s pressing Cain on the cage. He steps back. Cain feints then puts JDS on the canvas with a well timed shot. Back to the feet. Cain ripping shots to the body. Big right hand now. JDS is retreating. He throws an elbow that connects. Cain looks at the clock. Jab Cain. JDS fires back but he doesn’t have much sting on his shots. Cain puts him right back on the cage. Right hands inside from Cain. Big elbow inside from JDS. Jab JDS. He’s a warrior! But Cain keeps coming. Under 30 seconds to go. Cain drops for a single but can’t finish. Jab JDS. Left hook by Cain. Velasquez is blanking the champ on the scorecards.

Round 5 – Cain immediately shoots in and clinches. He nearly gets a takedown but JDS shrugs it off. He steps back and resets. JDS showing signs of at least some head movement. Cain again looking for a single. JDS with short uppercuts up the middle. Big overhand right from JDS. Cain runs through looking for a double but JDS stays on his feet. Much better job defending the takedown by JDS in the final round. Back to the clinch. JDS turns and puts Cain on the cage. Break. JDS gives up the takedown after the trip from Cain. Cain steps over trying to take his back. JDS scrambles to half guard. Cain on top now landing short right hands. Total, total domination. Under two minutes to go. JDS gives up his back trying to get to his feet. He’s up. Cain is still pressing him on the cage though. JDS trying to separate but can’t. Under a minute to go. Uppercut from JDS. Cain lands with a kick upstairs. Cain pressing forward. Clinch. 15 seconds to go. Great performance by Cain Velasquez.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cain Velasquez def. Junior dos Santos by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-43, 50-44)


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