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In this lastest installment of “Furby’s World Tour of Supplements”, I’ll be taking a look at another product from F3 Supplements, Air Speed Endurance.  In case you missed my first experience with F3, be sure to check out my review of ANNIHILATE.


AIR SPEED™ has been developed with ingredients clinically proven to increase the oxygen carrying capacity of blood, increase lactic threshold, enhance VO2 Max, improve endurance performance and enhance recovery.* The extra oxygen may significantly increase the muscles’ energy production and can help improve athletic performance, intensity and duration.*Key Benefits of AIR SPEED™ :

  • Reduce pre-workout fatigue with a sustained boost in energy.*
  • Augments short and long-term energy stores for explosive power and prolonged endurance.*
  • Increased blood flow to working muscles while constantly supplying them with much needed oxygen, phosphocreatine, and glucose.*

I tried the Raspberry Lemonade flavor of Air Speed.  It has a solid flavor – in the time that I used it, I alternated between mixing it with 10-12 ounces of water or 8 ounces of water and 4-6 ounces of orange juice.  It definitely has a good flavor – as expected, the less liquid I used, the sweeter it was, but it was easy to drink and mixed with solid shaking in a normal water bottle.

In terms of the product’s effectiveness, I loved it.  I can say, without a doubt, this has been my favorite preworkout supplement that I have tried so far.  With Air Speed, I did not feel any effects while waiting for my workout to start.

But I always noticed the effects during my workout, especially the cardio part.  Depending on the day, I would do anywhere from 30-60 minutes of cardio on an elliptical machine.

Since I did not feel any effects prior to starting my workout the first time, I wondered how effective it would be, but on the first day I was using it, at a point during my cardio where I would normally have to slow the pace down, I started thinking “OK, about time to slow down,” but then I realized that physically, I did not need to slow down as I normally did.

It was like that throughout my workout – at many points where I would normally need to take a break, while using Air Speed, I did not need to.

I have used Air Speed daily since I stopped using Annihilate, and it has never disappointed me.  For a test, on various days throughout the time I have been using it, I would not use Air Speed and instead drink a cup of coffee about half an hour before my workout, or have a large glass of water.

I definitely noticed a difference on the days where I did not use Air Speed in that my performance was decreased.  I could not maintain the same high pace as I did on Air Speed, and I felt that I lacked the same energy I did when using Air Speed.

A serving of Air Speed comes in at only 5 calories, and 0 carbs.  You can see the full ingredient list at  There are 30 servings in a bottle, and it can be purchased on for $44.98.

This is the same price as Annihilate, so if your budget would only allow you to pick one, I would say it depends on your goal – if you are looking for a better pump while lifting or for more strength, go for Annihilate. If you are looking for endurance over a long workout, go for Air Speed, simple as that. Both are quality preworkout supplements depending on your goal.

F3 offers a full range of supplements including pre and post workout supplements, protein, BCAAS, greens, multi-vitamins, fish oil, digestive enzymes, the whole nine yards. To check out everything they have to offer, visit, like their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter, @F3Nutrition.

I stated this in my Annihilate review, but it is worth repeating – one of things about F3 that impressed me the most was Mark’s knowledge of supplements and the helpful advice he continuously offered me throughout the process. As a founder and President of a company like F3, one would expect Mark to have the knowledge, but his willingness to share it was pleasantly surprising.

We had numerous discussions about supplements, workouts, and health in general.  Mark also interacts with fans of F3 on Twitter, offering advice and info, and promoting the company’s multiple athletes, so in addition to having quality products, they have excellent customer service.

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