The resilient and scrappy Matt Brown kept his momentum going with a brutal knockout of Mike Swick in the second round to kick off the main card at the UFC on FOX 5 event.

After a feeling out period to start the bout, Matt Brown ducked in and secured a takedown and immediately went for a d’arce choke. Swick defended nicely, staying relaxed and using patience to survive the early scare. As Swick escaped the first submission attempt, he quickly found himself in trouble again as Brown locked up a tight triangle choke. Again, Swick showed off his submission defense, using his legs across the face of Brown to create enough space to escape the choke. After a restart, a flurry ensued just before the bell, but the round easily went to Matt Brown.

Swick came out in the second flashing his jab to keep the distance against the stalking Brown. Brown walked through the jab of Swick, using kicks and elbows mixed in with an overhand right that found it’s target as Swick retreated to the cage. After a battle in the clinch, Brown landed a short elbow in close that hurt Swick. After separating, Swick came forward with a wild, winging right hand that Brown easily avoided. Brown countered with a grazing right hand, but followed up with a staggering left hook that landed flush, sending Swick reeling toward the mat. Brown launched a right hand behind the crushing left hook that put Swick out before he even hit the canvas.

The end came at 2:31 of the second round, giving Matt Brown (16-11 MMA) his ninth win in the Octagon while extending his unbeaten streak to four.

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