UFC on FOX 5 takes place this evening at KeyArena in Seattle, Wash. and features a lightweight championship bout between current 155-pound champ “Smooth” Benson Henderson vs. Nate Diaz. The card also features the return of BJ Penn against Rory MacDonald, “Shogun” Rua vs. Alexander Gustafsson and Mat Brown vs. Mike Swick.

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UFC on FOX 5 quick results:


  • Scott Jorgensen def. John Albert by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 1 (4:59)
  • Dennis Siver def. Nam Phan by unanimous decision (30-24, 30-25, 30-25)
  • Abel Trujillo def. Marcus LeVesseur by TKO (knee strikes) Rd 2 (3:56)
  • Daron Cruickshank def. Henry Martinez by knockout (head kick) Rd 2 (2:57)
  • Ramsey Nijem def. Joe Proctor by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Raphael Assuncao def. Mike Easton by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Yves Edwards def. Jeremy Stephens by knockout (strikes) Rd 1 (1:55)
  • Matt Brown def. Mike Swick by knockout (punch) Rd 2 (2:31)
  • Rory MacDonald def. BJ Penn by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)
  • Alex Gustafsson def. “Shogun” Rua by unanimous decision (30-37, 30-27, 30-26)
  • (Title) Ben Henderson def. Nate Diaz by unanimous decision (50-43, 50-45, 50-45)

UFC on FOX 5 play-by-play:

John Albert vs. Scott Jorgensen

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Leg kick from Jorgensen. Punch combo from Albert. Jorgensen puts Albert on his back. Now inside full guard. Albert trying to make something happen off his back. Elbow to the body from Jorgensen. Beautiful sweep from Albert, takes Jorgensen’s back with both hooks in, they scramble, Albert ends up on top dropping elbows from inside full guard. More elbows and body shots from Jorgensen. Albert throws up a triangle, lands some elbows to the top of his head, locks it up, pulls the head down. Jorgensen is fighting it every way possible and is safe at the moment. Jorgensen is free, moves to side control. More elbows from Jorgensen. Albert recovers full guard with a very nice transition. Jorgensen continues the ground and pound with elbows. Albert gives up his back. Jorgensen flattens him out with a choke and Albert taps with one second left in the round. Amazing!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Scott Jorgensen def. John Albert by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 1 (4:59)

Dennis Siver vs. Nam Phan

Round 1 – Leg kick inside and then to the body from Siver. Another leg kick, high kick, one two punch combo. Leg kick. Leg kick. Phan still thrown nothing. Jab from Pah, double jab but Siver keeps up the striking pace. Nice right to the chin, body kick from Siver, then a one two, overhand right, wobbles Phan with more shots. Spinning back kick knocks Phan back. Uppercut Siver, leg kick. Big right from Siver. Jab from Phan, leg kick. Big left hook from Siver, jab knocks Phan’s head back. One two from Siver. Leg kick. Left hook from Phan. Phan pacing himself with only three weeks to prepare. Jab, jab, leg kick from Siver. Left from Phan. Front kick to the chin from Siver. Goes for a single and throws Phan down. Lets him up. Leg kick Siver. Body kick. Siver shoots, Phan sprawls, eats a huge left from Siver. Leg kick Phan. Siver gives one back. Nice spinning back kick from Siver. Leg kick Siver. PMN scores it 10-9 Siver.

Round 2 – Touch gloves. Leg kick Siver. Leg kick Siver. Jab from Phan. Leg kick Phan. Jab Siver. Leg kick Phan, eats a counter. Left hook from Phan but pays for it. Front kick Siver. Left hook Siver. High kick Phan. Front kick Siver. Again. Spinning back kick to the face from Siver, then a takedown. Moves to side control on top of Phan. Phan gets half guard. Elbows and punches from Siver. More punches from Siver, nice elbows and Phan is eating punch after punch. Siver in side mount, full mount. Phan gets half guard but eats big elbows. PMN scores the round 10-9 Siver.

Round 3 – touch gloves. Jab from Siver, Phan with a jab, leg kick Siver. Siver with a perfectly timed takedown. Siver in half guard. Ground and pound from Siver. Tries to get full mount, almost gets it but Phan recovers half guard. Elbows from Siver, followed by numerous left hands to the face. Nice elbows from Siver, he traps Phan’s arm with one of his legs, keeping him from defending himself and lands punches to the face. Body shots with the right hand, big elbows to the face with his left from Siver, and punch after punch. Big punches from Siver, now inside full guard. Body shots and elbows. Phan survives but took a real beating. PMN scores the round 10-8 and the fight 30-26 for Siver.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dennis Siver def. Nam Phan by unanimous decision (30-24, 30-25, 30-25)

Marcus LeVesseur vs. Abel Trujillo

Round 1 – LeVesseur shoots quickly, goes for a suplex but Trujillo defends well and is back on his feet. LeVesseur still clinched up looking for the takedown. Elbows to the back from Trujillo. Exhange of knees from the clinch. Ref separates them. Left hook from Trujillo, LeVesseur shoots and gets him down very briefly. Knee to the body from LeVesseur. Knees to the thighs from Trujillo. Boos from the crowd, unhappy with LeVesseur’s technique. Big elbows to the body from Trujillo. Big body shots and LeVesseur is in feeling these shots. He’s still looking for the leg, but the ref has seen enough and separates them. LeVesseur shoots but eats a huge knee and drops to his knees, still holding the leg but taking massive elbows from Trujillo. PMN scores the round 10-9 Trujillo.

Round 2 – Trujillo has some fast hands. LeVesseur throws a leg kick, Trujillo catches it and LeVesseur turns around and drops to his knees. Trujillo goes for his neck. Goes for a north south choke but LeVesseur survives. They’re up to their feet, a big exchange and LeVesseur gets dropped. Trujillo attacks, LeVesseur gives up his back. He gets up, now LeVesseur looking for the takedown. He backs out and squares up. LeVesseur flat-footed and looks concerned. Big right from Trujillo. LeVesseur shoots for the single. Trujillo defends. Escapes, two huge knees, three to the ribs, another, now to the shoulder. More knees to the rihs and LeVesseur is just covering up. The ref has seen enough and stops it. Beautiful debut from Abel Trujillo. LeVesseur looks a mess. He may have broken ribs. I don’t see how he couldn’t. Trujillo landed 52 body shots during the match.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Abel Trujillo def. Marcus LeVesseur by TKO (knee strikes) Rd 2 (3:56)

Daron Cruickshank vs. Henry Martinez

Round 1 – Touch gloves, body kick from Daron but eats some punches from Martinez as he then shoots in, looking for a single against the cage. Daron holding onto his neck. Ref separates them. They exchange big punches. Knee from Daron. Martinez shoots in against the cage. Cruickshank defending, lands some elbows. Big exchange and Martinez gets the best of it. They separate and square up. Big exchange again in the pocket, Martinez eats a big knee, just ducks a wheelkick. Big body kicks from Cruickshank. Martinez is just covering up in pure defense, he’s hurt, but explodes back with punches as the ref just watches. It almost looked like it could have been stopped. Martinez bleeding from his face. Leg kick Martinez. Wheelkick to the leg from Cruickshank. He then unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks that staggers Martinez but he fires back with big punches in the pocket, both guys landing big shots. This is a crazy fight!! Wow! Fight of the night so far and Martinez is tough as nails. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Cruickshank.

Round 2 – Touch gloves. Body kick Cruickshank. Martinez shoots, pushes Cruickshank against the cage. Knee to the body from Cruickshank as he backs out. Body kick again from Cruickshank. Left from Martinez. Still coming forward. Right from Cruickshank. Leg kick Martinez. Right from Martinez. Body kick Cruickshank. Nice leg kick from Martinez. Side kick Cruickshank. Leg kick Martinez. Martinez tags him with a punch. Right leg head kick out of nowhere from Cruickshank to the right side of the head/neck of Martinez and it’s a one hitter quitter as Martinez goes down and out. My god this Cruickshank! Keep an eye on this kid. Fight of the night and KO of the night so far.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Daron Cruickshank def. Henry Martinez by knockout (head kick) Rd 2 (2:57)

Ramsey Nijem vs. Joe Proctor

Round 1 – Body kick from Nijem, he shoots. Proctor grabs his neck with a standing guillotine. Nijem holding the leg but is non-commital. Nijem tries to escape. Knee from Proctor. Nijem gets free, backs up and exchanges punches. Thai clinch and knees from Nijem. Leg kick Nijem. Jumping front kick from Nijem knocks Proctor down. Nijem pounces with ground and pound as Proctor gets to one knee. Nijem riding his back with one hook in. Proctor bleeding from his nose. Nijem tries to mount. Proctor gets to one knee and feet. He grabs Nijem’s neck as Ramsey looks for a single. Ramsey puts him down, looking for his back, one hook in. Proctor rolls, eats punches, he tags Nijem and hurts him, Nijem shoots, Proctor defends and puts him on his back. Proctor on top in half guard, drops some punches. Ramsey gets to his knees as Proctor rides out the bell. Close round… But I give the edge to Nijem 10-9.

Round 2 – Big right from Proctor, knee to the body. Uppercut from Ramsey but eats a counter. Right from Ramsey, leg kick. Nice right from Ramsey, jab. Right, right again from Ramsey. Exchange leg kicks. Ramsey eats a counter right. Ramsey shoots for a single. Proctor tries to peel him off but ends up on his back. Proctor looking for the guillotine, it looks tight. Nijem gets free but still on his knees in north south position. Nijem puts him back down. Proctor lets go the neck. Nijem on top in half guard and lands some ground and pound before the bell. PMN scores the round 10-9 Nijem.

Round 3 – Leg kick Nijem. Nice left to the body, overhand right from Proctor. One two from Nijem, eats a counter. Nijem shoots. Proctor looking for a kimura as Nijem is on top in half guard. Ground and pound from Nijem. Body shots from Nijem. Punches to the side of the head from Nijem forces Proctor to explode to his feet but Nijem puts him right back down. Now inside full guard, Nijem continues the ground and pound. Proctor to his feet. Front headlock from Nijem, he shoots, sprawl from Proctor. He attacks the arm for an armbar. Nijem in danger as he stacks Proctor. Nijem breaks out and lands punches from the top. They get to their feet and exchange in the pocket, jumping knee from Ramsey, he eats a shot but fires back. PMN scores the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Nijem.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ramsey Nijem def. Joe Proctor by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Raphael Assuncao vs. Mike Easton

Round 1 – Both guys miss spinning kicks. Leg kick from Hulk. Leg kick from Assuncao. Leg kick Hulk. Body/head punches from Easton. Leg kick Easton. Head kick from Assuncao blocked. Assuncao trying to play the counter game. Leg kick Easton. Leg kick Assuncao. counter left from Assuncao. Leg kick punch from Assuncao. Hulk just ducks a high kick. Checks a leg kick. Counter right from Assuncao. Counter right again. Right from Easton. Assuncao shoots under, stuffed. Clinched, knees from Assuncao. Knee from Easton. Knees from Assuncao to the thighs. 10-9 Assuncao.

Round 2 – Nice exchange to start. Assuncao kicks, Easton counters over the top. Nice stiff jab from Assuncao. The counter game of Assuncao is working nicely as well. Easton coming forward with a right hand. Looks like an accidental eye poke, but the replay shows it was a punch that landed. Inside leg kick from Easton. Jab, leg kick Easton. Assuncao just misses with an uppercut. Nice exchange in the pocket. Assuncao clinches, throws a knee, but it lands low. Stop in the action for Easton to clear the cobwebs from the jewels. Restart. Easton is talking trash but it’s Assuncao that scores with a stiff jab. Easton over the top. Again, this time with the one-two. Assuncao counters again. Assuncao with a lead left hook. Easton counters with a winging right hand. To the body for Easton. Front kick Assunaco. Inside leg kick now. Easton shoots but is stuffed. Assuncao pushes off and circles out. Front kick lands up the middle. Assuncao looks really confident right now. Easton puts together a combo that isn’t even close to landing. End of round. PMN scores the second for Assuncao, 10-9.

Round 3 – High kick from Assuncao, blocked mostly. Right counter from Assuncao. Body kick from Assuncao. Leg kick Easton. One two from Assuncao. Leg kick Easton. Assuncao shoots, stuffed. Assuncao holding onto one leg. Drops down for a double. Assuncao gets him down for a split second. Back to the feet. Left from Easton. Assuncao shoots, presses him to the cage but can’t get him down. Assuncao backs out. Boos from the crowd. Easton dodges a head kick. Jab from Assuncao. Assuncao shoots, stuffed. Presses him to the cage, still looking for a single. Assuncao backs up. Leg kick from Easton, counter left from Assuncao. Easton shoots, stuffed. Leg kick Assuncao. Easton just looks off his game. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Assuncao and the fight 30-27 for Assuncao.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Raphael Assuncao def. Mike Easton by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Yves Edwards vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round 1 – Jumping knee from Stephens misses. Leg kick from Stephens. Overhand right. Body kick from Yves. Goes for a single, stuffed. Short punch from Stephens and Yves lets go the leg and backs up. Leg kick, big punches from Stephens as Yves evades. Jumping knee misses from Stephens. Yves drops Stephens with a right counter hook, follows up with hammerfists and elbows that put him out. Amazing performance by Edwards against a man touted as having more power.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Yves Edwards def. Jeremy Stephens by knockout (strikes) Rd 1 (1:55)

Matt Brown vs. Mike Swick

Round 1 – Swick lands a left. Brown shoots, looks for a D’arce choke. Swick defends. Brown goes for the choke but Swick survives. Swick now on top but not doing much. Brown throws up his legs for a triangle attempt. Swick eventually gets out and they scramble back to the feet. PMN scores it 10-9 Brown.

Round 2 – Brown with an uppercut and an elbow. Clinched up, Brown with some elbows. Swick not able to do much here and Brown lands a left to the chin and a big right to follow. Swick goes down and eats one more before the ref calls it. Very impressive showing from Mr. Brown.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Brown def. Mike Swick by knockout (punch) Rd 2 (2:31)

B.J. Penn vs. Rory MacDonald

Round 1 – Penn comes out first with a knee, clinch, knees from Rory, presses Penn to the cage. Penn backs out. Rory preses him back up to the cage again. Knee from Penn. Rory backs out. Uppercut from Rory. Leg kick. Again. Jab from Rory, again. Big leg kick from Rory, then a head kick scores. Nice right from Penn. Front kick to the face from Rory. Penn stalking. Right from Penn. Rory looks so much bigger. Nice overhand right from Penn. Jab from Penn, again. Leg kick Rory. Nice left from Penn, he gets the takedown on Rory. But he gets right up, back down, back up. Elbow on the break from Rory. Misses a head kick. Jab from Rory. Nice body shot from Rory. Jab from Penn. Rory goes for the takedown, no dice. BJ looking a bit tired. Solid left from Rory wobbles Penn. Another left, head kick mostly blocked but moves Penn. Penn swings. Eats a body shot from Rory. Huge jumping elbow from Rory, pushes Penn to the cage. He backs up. Left hook from Rory, Penn jabs. Wow!  Great action. PMN scores it 10-9 for Rory.

Round 2 – Jab from Rory, leg kick, another leg kick. Left from Penn as Rory moves out of direct fire. Big jabs from Rory backs him to the cage. One two from Rory. Left to the body, right to the head, front kick from Rory. He’s too big, too powerful, just as I said in our picks. Jab, jab. Penn fading. Body kick from Rory. Front kick, jab. Penn swinging but not landing. Lands a left right finally. Jab from Rory. Front kick. Left from Penn. Huge body kick from Rory, body shot, Penn covers, he’s all but done. Ref watching closely. Body shot, knees punches. Left from Penn. Penn his pure defense now. Just covering up against the cage. Left hooks and right hooks to the head and body from Rory. Right from Penn scores. Big body shot from Rory, jab. Rory showing off dancing. Right from Rory. Rory puts a tired Penn on his back. Ear slaps from Penn. PMN scores it 10-8 for Rory.

Round 3 – Penn wants to continue. Comes out swinging. They tie up against the cage. Penn looking for the takedown with a single. Lets go, exchange punches and they tie up again, Rory pushing him to the cage. Ref wants action. Knees from Rory. Ref separates them. Body shot from Rory. Rory slips on a wheelkick. Body shot from Rory. He dances around, they tie up and Rory pushes him to the cage. Rory has a big lump under his left eye. Elbow and punch combo from Rory, body kick. Left from Penn. Superman punch from Rory. Rory shoots, stuffed, lands a back elbow and punch on the break. He’s playing with Penn now, total dissing him. Front kick from Rory. Body shot from Penn. They tie up, Rory pushes him to the cage. Ref wants action, separates them. Body shot from Rory. Head kick. Big left from Rory. Rory ties him up to the cage, big right elbow on the break. Big body shot. Jab, leg kick, front kick, punch before the bell. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Rory and the fight 30-26 for Rory. Well, I thought Rory would honestly finish him, I think he could have if he’d poured it on more when he had him hurt early in the fight. BJ proved he’s tough as nails, but we knew that. If he wants to keep fighting it should be at 155.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Rory MacDonald def. BJ Penn by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)

The crowd boos Rory, probably for the disrespect he showed toward Penn. Rory calls out Carlos Condit and said he wants revenge for him humiliating him. Rory said he wants him in March in Canada.

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Alexander Gustafsson

Round 1 – Shogun with a leg kick. Alex with jab, uppercut. Shogun with a leg kick but gets countered and dropped. Shogun goes for the leg, and a heel hook. Alex is up. Shogun grabs a body lock, knee to the face, against the cage. Shogun drops down for a leg but Alex escapes. Jab, uppercut, kick from Alex. Alex trips him to the ground. One two  from Alex, then a leg kick, Shogun catches it and drops him with a right. Alex gets up but Shogun has a body lock from behind. Left from Shogun as Alex turns around. Knee and punch and Alex backs up to find his range. Left right, knee from Alex. Leg kick Shogun. Overhand right from Shogun. Left right from Shogun. Leg kick from Shogun. Alex shoots, stuffed. Knee from the clinch from Alex. He drops levels, Shogun defends. Thai plum from Shogun, Alex pushes him off. Shogun starts strong, but I predict he will fade. PMN scores the round 10-9 Shogun.

Round 2 – Right from Alex. Shogun winging punches. Leg kick Alex. Big right Shogun, eats a knee. Uppercut from Alex, Shogun scores with a left. Overhand right from Shogun, misses a big left. Alex presses him to the cage trying to tire him out obviously which is smart as Shogun is known to have cardio issues. Ref separates them. Leg kick Alex. Body shot from Shogun. Alex gives him a judo throw and a knee. Shogun goes for a takedown but ends up on his back with Alex inside full guard. Alex postures up with a couple punches. Lets Shogun up. Nice right from Alex. Left right from Shogun. Breathing hard now. Alex ducks under a punch and easily puts Shogun down. Shogun gets right up easily though, presses Alex to the cage. Alex turns him to the cage. Trips Shogun to the ground with one minute to go. Shogun gets up, eats a couple knees and punches. Uppercut and knee to the chin from Alex. Overhand right, leg kick from Shogun. Leg kick Alex. PMN scores the round 10-9 Alex.

Round 3 – Just saying. Overhand right from Shogun. Again. Jab from Alex. Alex gets the takedown. Shogun gets up but Alex puts him right back down and goes for his back. Shogun rolls over to freedom and to his feet. Body shot from Shogun. Body kick from Alex. Counter hook from Alex. Knee to the body from Alex. Jab, takedown. Now inside the full guard of Shogun. Elbow and a nice right from Alex as he stands up, kicks the leg of Shogun. Lets Shogun up. Body shot from Alex appears to hurt Shogun. Takedown from Alex. Shogun is up, eats a knee. Big right and a knee from Alex. Alex pacing himself, slowly taking Shogun’s life force away. Alex pushes him to the cage. Ref separates them. Alex shoots, stuffed. Front kick to the face from Alex. Shogun moving side to side. Not much time left. Left from Shogun, body lock, knee, knee. Takedown from Alex before the bell. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Alex and the fight 29-28 for Alex.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Alex Gustafsson def. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua by unanimous decision (30-37, 30-27, 30-26)

Benson Henderson vs. Nate Diaz

Round 1 – Here we go folks. Bout to get crazy. No glove touching here. Diaz looks intense. Leg kick Bendo. Again. Misses the next one and Nate ties him up, knees to the thighs. Pushes Ben to the cage. Ben turns him around. Knees and punches from Diaz. Diaz tries to toss him but Ben defends the throw easily. Knee from Ben, gets underhooks, tries for a takedown, Nate goes to one knee but right back up. Ben holding him but Nate gets and underhook,, knee to the body and an elbow on the break. Leg kick and takedown from Ben. Nate throws up his legs. Nate calls him to come into his guard as Ben postures over Nate. Hammerfists from Ben, gives up his back, gets to his feet. Ben pushes him to the cage. Nate gets some distance and Ben lands a leg kick that puts Nate down. Another leg kick as Nate gets up. Knee to the body from Ben from the clinch. Nate misses with the jab. Ben lands a one two. Nate pushes him to the cage. Ben turns him around. PMN scores it 10-9 Bendo.

Round 2 – Leg kick from Ben buckles the leg. Clinch, knees from both. Body lock takedown from Ben. Nate gets to his knees, takes punches and a head kick, knee to the body. Underhooks against the cage from Ben. Nate with rabbit punches and knees. Ben too strong in these positions. Body shot from Ben. Elbow from Ben. Nate’s got distance now. Nate working a jab but can’t find his range. Big leg kick, then a body shot from Ben. Thigh punches from Ben, again, and it buckles the leg of Nate. Then he goes high with a left and hurts Nate, he goes down. Ben attacks, tries to mount, big body shot. Nate gives up his back, gets to his feet. Ben with underhooks against the cage. Shoulder strikes from Ben. Nate gets free for a split second before Ben ties him up again. Nate gets a judo throw but gets right up. Leg kick Bendo. One two from Nate. PMN scores it 10-9 Bendo.

Round 3 – Nate’s right eye is swollen. Big leg kick again from Ben. Ben punches the thigh. Nate trying to  punch him but eats a big shot. Right hook from Nate, Ben puts him on his back. Nate goes for the foot, scramble. Leg kick Ben. Takedown. Ben stacks him, full closed guard from Diaz. Ben stacks him. Nate kicks his knee twice. Nate gets a foot, transitions to a  kneebar, toe hold. Ben escapes, takes the back of Diaz. Diaz escapes and gets Ben’s foot, looking for a heel hook. Lets it go but still has Ben’s leg. Ben is out and they are up. Leg punch Ben. Ben drops him with a big right. Diaz taunts him. Ben comes back to the ground with him. Nate goes for the heel again. Elbow to the body from Ben after a scramble.Big body shot from Ben. PMN scores it 10-9 Ben.

Round 4 – Ben looks very fresh. Leg kick from Ben, they tie up. Knee from Ben. He gets the takedown, Nate gives up his back, tries to roll. Nate on his knees, gets up. Body lock from Ben puts Nate down. Nate gives up his back again. Nate back up but Ben still hanging on him. Nate gets him down but loses position. Both back up. Ben trips him down again. Ben stacks him with shots to the body. Nate talking to him. This has always been Nate’s biggest problem are these dominant wrestling types. But he’s come a long way against most of them. Ben on top with punches and hammerfists. Nate went for a kimura but Ben’s too strong. Ben with an elbow and punch as Nate still ties him up. Ben stands over him with one minute to go. Nate calls him to come on. Ben punches his leg. Nate is up. Leg kick from Ben. PMN scores the round 10-8 Ben.

Round 5 – Remember Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva. It’s never over til it’s over. Nate still has all the attitude he ever did. The doc is checking Nate out, he’s good to go. Thigh punch from Ben, they tie up. He pushes Nate to the cage. Obviously Ben knows he didn’t want to box with him and this is the perfect gameplan so far. Ben pushes him to the cage, Nate ducks a big elbow. Body lock from Ben. Ben picks him up for the slam. Ben stacks him with elbows, trying to pour it on for the finish. Nate gets to his knees and feet. Ben with the body lock, knees to the thighs. Ben holding on from behind. Nate drops down for a kimura attempt, no dice as he takes some body shots. Under two minutes to go. Knees to the thighs from Ben as he holds on to Nate, not getting any distance. Nate gets a judo throw takedown but loses position as Ben stays on him. Back to the feet. Head kick from Ben. Body lock underhooks from Ben. Body shots from Ben, he backs out. Nate still taunting him. Nate lands a right before the bell (or close to it). Nate shakes his hand and raises Ben’s hand. Good sportsmanship from Nate. My man has some serious heart, but not much meat on them bones against a guy like Ben. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Bendo and the fight 50-44.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ben Henderson def. Nate Diaz by unanimous decision (50-43, 50-45, 50-45) Rd 5 (5:00)

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