Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao faced off for a fourth time Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. After Marquez knocked down Pacquiao in the third, Pacquiao came back in the fifth with his own knockdown. But it was the next round, with only one second remaining when a bloody Marquez KO’d Pacquiao with an overhand right that left the pride of the Philippines face down and unconscious.

Here’s how we saw it play out round by round:

Round 1 – Lots of back and forth in round one, both landing some decent shots but nothing too significant. Pacquiao probably took the round by landing 13 shots to Marquez’s 5 shots.

Round 2 – Right to the body from Pacquiao. Left to the head. Right to the body from Marquez, clinch, and more body shots from Marquez. Pacquiao lands a couple nice lefts. Right from Marquez. Jab from Pacquiao, jab from Marquez, right to the body, left hook scores by Marquez to the head. Right to the body from Marquez. Pacquiao scores 12 of 41, Marquez landing 6 of 41.

Round 3 – Left hand from Pacquiao scores. Right, left. Another left, using great angles. Left hook to the body by Marquez, again. Marquez drops Paquiao with a huge overhand right, perfectly timed. Pacquiao is up though and gets up before the count. Big body shot from Marquez, looks low. Left from Pacquiao. Left to the body from Marquez. Left from Pacquiao. Great exchange before the bell and we have a fight folks. 10-8 Marquez.

Round 4 – Should be an even fight now. Right from Manny. Left hook from Marquez. Marquez lands a straight left. Left to the body. Jab from Manny. Big right hook to the body from Marquez. Right to the body. Nice left upstairs from Marquez. Left from Manny. Nice combo and uppercut. Marquez stuns him upstairs, then a right to the body. I see it 10-9 Marquez.

Round 5 – Left jab from Pacquiao. Pacquiao scores a knockdown with a left. Marquez touches the ground, to force the count. Marquez stuns Pacquiao with a big right. Left from Pacquiao. Body shot, huge left right from Pacquiao, he’s hurt. Manny pours it on against the ropes. Marquez wobbling but still throwing back. This is a war folks. Best round of boxing I’ve seen in years maybe. Pacquiao 10-8.

Round 6 – Left from Marquez. Marquez’s nose appears broken and bleeding. Two nice lefts from Pacquiao. Marquez fires back. Right from Manny. Left to the body from Marquez. Left from Pacquiao. Manny with a right jab, takes a right from Marquez. Two nice lefts from Manny. Jab from Marquez. Nice combo from Manny. Less than 5 seconds and Marquez starches Manny Pacquiao with a overhand right, he goes face down and is out cold, completely unconscious and unmoving. Let’s hope he is okay.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Juan Manuel Marquez def. Manny Pacquiao by knockout (punch) Rd 6 (2:59)

Pacquiao was very respectful after the fight and said he is open to a fifth bout with Marquez. The two fought to a draw in their first fight back in 2004. Pacquiao won the next two bouts in 2008 and 2011, both by decision. What do you think boxing fans, you want to see one more?

By Jack Bratcher


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