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In continuing what I have now dubbed “Furby’s World Tour of Supplements”, I recently came across a newer company due to its connection to the MMA world.

I first noticed F3 Nutrition when I heard they were sponsoring lightweight powerhouse Eddie Alvarez. Since then, I have learned that F3 also sponsors Vitor Belfort and Alistair Overeem in addition to a host of athletes in other sports.

My request for products to review was quickly responded to by Mark Post, founder and President of F3 Nutrition. Mark suggested and sent three products, all of which I enjoyed.

This review covers Annihilate, a preworkout supplement, and my subsequent reviews will take a look at Air Speed Endurance (another pre-workout supplement), and Rebellion (a post-workout supplement).

These were not arbitrary picks – after a discussion with Mark, we felt that these three would be three of the top products of interests to MMA fighters and training enthusiasts, but they are certainly useful to athletes in other sports, general fitness enthusiasts, and even average Joes like myself.


ANNIHILATE™ Strength Pre-Workout provides the perfect balance of energy, focus, power and pump for an outstanding pre-workout supplement without the crash-like side effects many pre-workout supplements have. At F3™ Nutrition, we’ve combined three scientifically designed ingredient blends to enable you to ANNIHILATE™ your workout.

Key Benefits of ANNIHILATE™:

  • Provides muscle endurance, strength, focus and energy support.
  • Boosts Nitric Oxide and increase blood flow in the body.
  • Provides a source of energy for power and growth.
  • Aids metabolism.
  • Quicker exercise recovery.
  • No Crash effect.

I tried the Limeade flavor of Annihilate. It has a great flavor – when mixing one scoop with ten ounces of water, the flavor was almost too sweet for my tastes, but that can be easily changed by adding more water.

The lime flavor actually tastes like lime, and it doesn’t have an undertaste like some preworkout formulas do.  I mixed mine in a regular water bottle and just shook it up and it mixed well with some vigorous shaking.

I definitely started feeling the effects in the half hour I waited before starting my workout, but not in an uncomfortable way. I just felt energetic and ready to go.

Annihilate is characterized as “Nitric Oxide” product, designed to push blood into the muscles for strength and a good pump – it’s not meant for endurance (if that is what you are looking for, be sure to keep an eye out for my review of Air Speed Endurance).

The first day I tried Annihilate I increased the weights I was working with by about twenty percent. The increase was no problem and even after the workout, I had energy to spare. I used Annihilate for just over two weeks, stopping only to change over to Air Speed.

I was definitely pleased with the results I saw with Annihilate throughout the time I used it and it is a pre-workout supplement I would highly recommend for strength training. At no point did I ever experience a negative side effect like an upset stomach or feeling jittery.

I never had a crash after taking it, which was important as I work out in the morning, so I have a full day of work ahead of me when I get finished.

A serving of Annihilate comes in at only 10 calories, with 2 grams of carbs (1 of which is sugar), and the label includes a full ingredient list, so you know what you are taking. I never did use more than one scoop per workout, but the label does state that a double dose is fine if you need it.

The F3 Nutrition website also states that it can be taken twice a day if you workout twice a day.  On F3’s website, you can purchase Annihilate for $44.98 (before shipping), which gets you 30 servings.

However, when visiting F3’s website today, I noticed that through one of their affiliates, Island Supplements, you can get Annihilate and Rebellion (and an autographed Overeem photo) for $69.98 (before shipping). This is a great deal.

Without going into too much information that will be in my review of Rebellion, I can definitely say this deal is worth the price, and if you’re a fan of orange creamsicle, get the orange creamsicle Rebellion – that flavor is on point.

F3 offers a full range of supplements including pre and post workout supplements, protein, BCAAS, greens, multi-vitamins, fish oil, digestive enzymes, the whole nine yards. To check out everything they have to offer, visit, like their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter, @F3Nutrition.

As a side note, I have to say that one of things about F3 that impressed me the most was Mark’s knowledge of supplements and the helpful advice he continuously offered me throughout the process. As a founder and President of a company like F3, one would expect Mark to have the knowledge, but his willingness to share it was pleasantly surprising.

We had numerous discussions about supplements, workouts, and health in general. Mark also interacts with fans of F3 on Twitter, offering advice and info and promoting the company’s multiple athletes, so in addition to having quality products, they have excellent customer service.

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