BAMMA 11 provided an interesting night of action at Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena on Saturday (1st December). In the headliner Xavier Foupa-Pokam a.k.a “Professor X” battled his way to a decision victory over Jack Marshman. Also, Alex Reid scored a unanimous decision victory over Sam Boo in the nights co-main event.

BAMMA 11 was the first ever live Mixed Martial Arts event to air on terrestrial TV in the UK on Channel 5. The event also aired in the U.S. on AXS TV.

Two new champions were crowned on the night as Tom Breese defeated Warren Kee to win the BAMMA Lonsdale British Welterweight belt; and Stevie Ray conquered Dale Hardiman to earn the BAMMA Lonsdale British Lightweight title.

Xavier Foupa-Pokam vs. Jack Marshman

Round one begins, Pokam presses forward and lands some nice leg kicks. He takes Marshman down, then Marshman locks in a very tight armbar, the arm looks like it has popped, but Pokam does not tap. Marshman even begins to punch Pokam’s arm whilst in the armbar, but Pokam still doesn’t tap. They get back to their feet and briefly exchange before ending up back on the ground. Marshman manages to get an armbar again, but once more Pokam resists. Marshman gets to his feet, the fighters go back and forth before Pokam scores a big take-down and works from the guard. Pokam stands and Marshman remains on his back. Pokam then goes back into guard and tries to work some strikes, he moves into side-control and then the round comes to an end.

Both men are now warmed up and Marshman tries to let his hands go and score some strikes. Pokam throws a spinning backfist, then the men exchange briefly before Pokam gets a take-down. He begins to work some punches which open up Marshman. A doctor briefly checks on Marshman and then the action resumes. Now in half-guard Pokam tries to inflict more damage to a bloodied Marshman. The two men come back to their feet and go back-and forth before Pokam gets another take-down. On the way down Marshman catches Pokam in a Triangle attempt, but the round comes to an end before he can really secure it.

Round three begins and Pokam scores an early take-down. He works from the guard and tries to inflict some damage with his strikes. They remain in this position for a while and eventually end up back on their feet. Pokam shoots for a take-down driving Marshman back into the cage. He then manages to pick and drop Marshman to the ground before working the from the top. They remain in that position until the fight ends.

Xavier Foupa Pokam def. Jack Marshman via Split Decision (30-27 , 28-29, 30-27)

Warren Kee vs. Tom Breese

Round one begins and Breese kicks things off with a stiff punch before pressing Kee against the cage. Kee manages to reverse, but Breese soon reverses himself. They continue to battle for position against the cage, then Breese lands a low blow and the ref calls for a brief break in the action. The action restarts, Breese throws a high kick that lands and once again begins to press Kee against the cage. The men go to the ground, Breese manages to take Kee’s back and sinks in a rear-naked choke. Kee has no option but to tap.

Tom Breese def. Warren Kee via Submission (rear-naked choke) – Rnd 1, 3:06

Steven Ray vs. Dale Hardiman

The fight starts and Ray shoots in for a take-down, backing Hardiman against the cage. He gets Hardiman down and begins to work from the guard. Hardiman tries to back Ray off with his feet, but ray drops shots from the standing position. Ray drops down and the two men tangle up looking for some form of a leg submission. After rolling and battling for advantage Ray manages to get into guard and eventually moves into half-guard. Hardiman attempts to reverse, but soon ends up back underneath. After a battle for position Ray secures side-control and lands some shots to the head before the round comes to a close.

The round begins and the fighters go back and forth. Hardiman clips Ray with a punch that appears to stun him. The men go to the ground and Ray winds up on top, but he soon takes Hardiman’s back. Ray attempts to flatten Hardiman out, but does not succeed. Hardiman tries to roll out but Ray ends up in full mount briefly before taking Hardiman’s back once more. Hardiman tries to roll out again, but Ray regains full mount. Ray drops some hard body and head shots from the top and Hardiman is left with nowhere to go. Hardiman attempts to roll out, then the round comes to an end.

The third starts with an embrace and a show of respect. The fighters square off and Ray slams Hardiman to the ground landing in side-control. The men rise to their feet and Hardiman lands a stiff knee. They begin to exchange briefly before Ray takes Hardiman down and begins to work. He moves into half-guard and tries to work some punches. Hardiman does well to hold on to Ray, not allowing him to advance position or do further damage. The referee stands the two men up and Ray shoots for a take-down, which Hardiman stuffs. He tries to let off some offense, but Ray scores another take-down before the fight ends.

Steven Ray def. Dale Hardiman via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

The full BAMMA 11 results are below:

  • Xavier Foupa Pokam def. Jack Marshman via Split Decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)
  • Alex Reid def. Sam Boo via Unanimous Decision (28-27 – 28-27 – 28-27)
  • Tom Breese def. Warren Kee via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) – Rnd. 1 – 3:06
  • Max Nunes def. Kevin Thompson via KO – Rnd. 1 – 1:40
  • Steven Ray def. Dale Hardiman via Unanimous Decision (30-27 – 30-27 – 30-27)
  • Marcin Lazurz def. Sam Mensah via Submission (Armbar) – Rnd. 1 – 4:16
  • James Doolan def. Spencer Hewitt via Submission (Triangle Choke) – Rnd. 1 – 1:42
  • Jeremy Petley def. Richie Downes via Unanimous Decision (30-27 – 30-27 – 30-27)
  • Marc Allen def. Kyle Redfearn via Split Decision (28-29, 30-27, 28-29)
  • Andrew Fisher def. Andy Green via TKO – Rnd. 1 – 2:26
  • Yannick Bahati def. Ben Constantine via Unanimous Decision (29-28 – 30-27 – 30-27)
  • Leon Edwards def. Jonny Bilton via TKO – Rnd. 2 – 1:11
  • David Farycki def. Bryan Creighton via TKO – Rnd. 2 – 4:25
  • Mike Neun def. Thomas Denham via TKO – Rnd. 3 – 3:58

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