Product review – SAN Nutrition Fierce Domination

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Over the past couple years, I have gradually introduced various supplements into my diet.  I went from occasionally having a protein shake, to having one per day, to multiple shakes per day, depending on my schedule and food availability.  Taking some inspiration from my friend and former co-host of The Cageside Beat, Mike Menninger, I have begun incorporating some exercise into my daily routine, and at his suggestion, I started perusing pre-workout formulas.  Not unlike with protein powders, there are as many preworkout formulas as you might suspect.  Different flavors, different ingredients, different claims of what they enhance and so on.

Thanks to the good people at in addition to getting the opportunity to try Raw Fusion, I also got the chance to try Fierce Domination.  According to SAN, Fierce Domination is a “Pre-Workout Intra-Cellular Plasma Expander”.  The label promises “Ultimate Endurance”, “Raw Strength”, and “Powerful Energy”.


Want the ideal way to fine tune your machine before starting your workout? FIERCE DOMINATION will set you up to always have a great workout performance that maintains and destroys your previous personal records.

Let’s get down to the straight talk. FIERCE DOMINATION is formulated to help you fully recover from you last workout, energize you for the coming onslaught, and keeping you fully pumped for muscle and strength gain – all in one complete pre-workout formula… thanks to the advanced science of SAN performance nutrition!

FIERCE DOMINATION is a unique combination of 2 powerful formulas, one that fuels…
ultimate endurance, raw strength and powerful energy … the second promotes off the chart plasma volumization to stimulate muscle growth via engaging muscle hypertrophy. It’s GUARANTEED to outperform any other pre workout supplement you’ve ever tried in the past or your money back.

Each dose contains: L-Taurine, Glucoronolactone, b-Alanine [Carnosyn®], L-Aspartic Acid, L-Tyrosine, DMAE Bitartrate, Caffeine Anhydrous and L-Theanine all geared to fine-tuning your performance!

Given that I do not have nearly as much experience with pre-workout formulas as I do protein powders, I decided to start slowly – ½ of a serving in about 8 oz of water.  Following the directions, I waited 30 minutes prior to exercising.  During this time, I did feel my heartbeat speed up, but not so much that it made me uncomfortable.  I wasn’t shaky or jittery and I felt good starting my workout.  I never did take more than one serving before any workout and did not consume more than one serving per day, although the package notes that one can consume two packets in a 24 hour period but cautions against more.

About my workout, let me give you some more specifics (not too many, because it would be embarrassing for me).  But, generally speaking, I do cardio six days per week and lift 3-4 days per week and have for about ten weeks now.  Due to time and financial constraints, I workout exclusively at home with the equipment that I have (again, I won’t go into specifics because it would probably make most of you laugh).  Regardless, I don’t lift extremely heavy, because of the equipment limitations, so I can’t say that I had a chance to truly test out the “raw strength” claim.  I can say that I definitely feel this product is worth it for the “Ultimate Endurance” claim.  In the ten days that I used Fierce Domination, I felt that I had more energy throughout my workouts, especially the cardio section.  The product did give me a good boost through my workout and enough energy to last me for a couple hours afterward.  I did notice an increase in my concentration,  so I was able to focus more on my form and the workout as a whole.  As I get up to workout at 5am, I welcomed the boost that Fierce Domination gave me.

In terms of mixability, I just mixed my initial ½ serving (and full servings the following days) in a bottle of water and shook it up.  I let mine sit in the fridge overnight because I like just about any drink excessively cold, but I also drank some on the fly and the taste was fine, and there wasn’t any sediment from the powder.

As far as the taste goes, I was pleased.  The watermelon flavor is there, but it’s not overwhelming.  I did find the taste to be a little bit sweeter than what I expected; you can dilute the flavor by adding more water, but I wanted to keep the drink around 10 oz, so I left it like it was.  Fierce Domination is definitely a product I would consider buying.

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