Alright boys and girls it’s time to get back to the normal grind of the shop as we have both our main guys back this week. It looks like Denny and Uly didn’t burn down the shop last week, so it’s back to the grind!


Our first guest is a man that has been in the sport for quite some time and has fought some of the biggest names in MMA. So let me be honest and just give you the truth. Yeah that’s right Brandon “The Truth” Vera is kicking off show 166 and you know that means the show is going to be packed with talent. We will be talking to Brandon about the toy drive that is going on at Alliance; it’s called Fill The Cage. Trust me Brandon is one of the hardest hitters and biggest names in the game, but he’s a big name that gives back with a big heart. Brandon is coming off one of the best performances of his career against “Shogun” Rua. We will talk to Brandon about his amazing career and the time that he has spent in the sport, being part of one of the best teams in the world, watching his teammates become big names in the sport, and the future for “The Truth.” I can’t wait to talk to Brandon and I would suggest you all follow him on twitter @Verafied


Our second guest is taking us to the gutter, and the “Gutter” is part of Bellator. No, I don’t mean the gutter where trash lies, I mean the “Gutter” that lays out trash… Matt Van Buren is stopping in to the shop and this is a man I am excited to talk to. We will talk to Matt about getting the call to fight for Bellator three fights ago, how he got into the sport, tasting his first defeat and how hungry he is to get back in the cage to get back in the winning circle, and much more. Matt can turn your lights out like he works for General Electric or he can make you tap on the mat, either way you know if he’s standing across the cage from you he’s looking to get that win. Follow Matt on twitter @GutterMMA


Okay it’s time for the show to get pretty, and get a little devilish. Michele “Diablita” Gutierrez is back on the show and it’s been way too long. We will talk to Michele about how her time in SoCal has been and working with the team down at Alliance. Michele is set to take on Felice Herrig inside the Bellator cage December 14. We will talk to Michele about the rematch and fighting someone she used to be friends with. This fight has had some trash talk already laid out leading up to the fight. You know we don’t really dig trash talk on this show but we will talk to Michele about the emotions she has leading up to this fight, her future in the sport, and what it means to be stepping into the Bellator cage. Follow Michele on twitter @MGutierrezlv


Last but not least is a man that simply goes by GC! Well at least that’s what we call him on the show. George Castro is back on the show, but this time we aren’t really trying to talk the fight game. We are ready however to talk about the gym. Alliance houses some of the best fighters in the world, yet we don’t want to talk about the fighters. We want to talk about the CAGE and how you can help fill it. That’s right you have heard of coats for kids, or the boots that get filled with money, but what can MMA fans do to help kids for Christmas? You can fill the cage! As we lead up to the holidays there is no better way to end show 166, then to inform you of an amazing opportunity to help those less fortunate. Follow George on twitter @GeorgeCastroMMA and don’t forget to FILL THE CAGE!!!

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